Stan Lee’s ‘Annihilator’ gives us a Chinese Captain America and will be hitting the big screen


One of Stan Lee’s more recent superhero creations called ‘Annihilator’ will be hitting the big screen. First off, the character itself follows closely to how Captain America came about. The character’s name is Ming and he is a Chinese ex-soldier that goes through the Super Soldier program, thus giving him super powers. Before you ask, yes, he is a martial arts expert and now can punch faster than Ip Man and Bruce Lee put together.

The story follows Ming through his personal strife as well as trying to “defeat a villain who will destroy everything that he knows and loves.” Well that sounds like every other superhero movie, but I have faith in it…somewhat. The screenplay is being written by Dan Gilroy, who wrote Real Steel and The Fall. Producing duties have been handed over to Barry Josephson, who has more recently been known for his work on Bones. Magic Storm Entertainment is joining the mix as well.

Stan Lee had this to say about Gilroy’s script:

Dan’s story and character is unlike anything I have developed before. So I wait with intrigue as we begin to reveal more details about the ‘Annihilator’ franchise and to hear what audiences think as they immerse themselves into his world through the film.

Barry Josephson spoke about wanting to work with Stan Lee:

One of my dreams when I became a producer was to work with Stan Lee. Now with Dan Gilroy’s magnificent script, that dream will become a reality.

Magic Storm CEO Eric Mika talked about a wider appeal to a broader audience:

Barry is the perfect partner at every level to produce a film of this magnitude that targets a global market, including mainland China. Barry’s talents combined with Dan Gilroy’s explosive script makes Stan Lee’s treatment extremely powerful and a cornerstone for a unique franchise.

It seems that everyone has really taken a liking to Gilroy’s script. I wonder how good it actually is? Also, who would be a good fit to play Ming in the film? What are your thoughts on this?

Source: The Wrap

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