Gaming Gems: Xenoblade Chronicles

217831-200120-headerThere are some really rare games out there. Most of them are retro from the Nintendo days all the way up to the PlayStation 2.

It’s not always easy to keep up with what games are going rare. Sometimes a game you have beaten and have put away could be that next game. And until a friend goes, “Hey man, did you know your copy of ‘insert game here’ is worth more than what you paid for it?” Well today let’s take a look at Xenoblades for the Nintendo Wii.

Xenoblade Chronicles was a game fans rallied to get Nintendo to bring over to the States via Operation Rainfall. Japan released it back in June 2010, and Europe went ahead and localized it in August 2011 over a year later. Nintendo Wii owners and JRPG fans rallied to get this game brought over, and if not by Nintendo then another third party company. Many gamers decided  to soft mod their Wii systems to be able to play the game, fearing the game would never see the light of day otherwise in the U.S.

Finally Nintendo announced that it would be localizing the game for American Wii owners. It would only be available by purchasing it at your local GameStop or by ordering it directly from Nintendo’s website. Fans who had been part of Operation Rainfall did so, as the game finally released on April 6th, 2012. A Limited Edition bundle featuring a classic controller was released, along with the regular edition. Both came with a Xenoblade Chronicles artbook while supplies lasted.

I would see copies still on the shelf after buying my copy on release for months on end, but just recently the game has disappeared from nearly all GameStop shelves. They can be seen on eBay, selling for over 100 dollars for a complete version. So if you have a copy, you can smile knowing that your game has doubled in value. GameStop is currently buying the game back for about 45 dollars without the rewards card, which is roughly your money back, but would you really let such a precious gem out of your hands?


Xenoblade Chronicles was one of those Nintendo Wii games that showed the ability of the systems abilities. It was a fully detailed open-world game with so much content (similar to Monster Hunter). It was a complex and tricky JRPG that had a crazy story unique battle system with over-the-top monsters and bosses that fit perfectly. They were nearly all voiced acted, pushing the limits of the Nintendo Wii. It did have you grind and search for quests, traveling back and forth between lands, but the game itself was worth all the time you put into it.

If there is enough demand for more, it isn’t impossible for Nintendo to do a re-release of the game as a Nintendo Selects title. It could also have been a one time print similar to the Metroid Prime: Trilogy, which is another Gaming Jewel for collectors, but that’s a later look into gaming gems.

What rare game will we feature next week? Come back to see.

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