Comic shop refuses to shelve Orson Scott Card’s Superman


A local comic book and geekery store in Ottawa, Ontario has, among other retailers, decided not to shelve author Orson Scott Card’s controversial Adventures of Superman anthology due to the author’s extremely vocal opposition to equal rights for homosexuals. Owner of The Comic Book Shoppe 2, Rob Spittall, took to Facebook today to inform shoppers that if they wanted Card’s work, it needed to be a special order. “As The Comic Book Shoppe 2 prides itself on providing a choice-friendly environment,” the post to the store’s official Facebook page states, “we recognize that carrying merchandise created by those who openly oppose those choices does not comply with our brand. As such, while we will continue to offer the option of ordering products by Orson Scott Card, we will no longer carry them in the store.”

Responses to the post have been mostly positive, with many regular’s thanking the store for the decision. One fan even commented, “It’s probably why the Shoppe is one of Ottawa’s most colourful, friendly, upbeat places. Thank you for being awesome.”

However, some have attributed to the store’s refusal to shelve the books to censorship and have accused Spittall of being “no better than [Card].” The owner has remained open to discussion on the topic, but maintains that he will not alter his decision. “In good conscience, I don’t want to carry the book. But I will not stop my customers from buying it,” wrote Spittall in an email on the subject to Nerd Reactor. “I know many who will want this book, and a couple because of [Card]’s beliefs. Sometimes it’s a not a world I like.”

This is not the first time that the store has encountered such a situation in its 13 year history, though it is admittedly a rare occurrence with a title as popular as Superman. “Years ago, I had a guy come into my store wanting me to carry his Indie comic, titled ‘Aryan Man’. I chose not to carry it.” Yet Spittall still understands that his decision may not be a popular one. “I want to hear from my customers; not just the ones who agree with me.” [sic]

What is core to Spittall’s stance is that not that he is outright denying DC and Card’s business, but simply choosing to provide them with only as much business as his customers demand, and absolutely no more. “Every comic on our shelves is money that we spent investing in our customers. We can’t return the unsold copies. So I chose to make sure we have no unsold copies.”

Orson Scott Card’s Adventures of Superman will be available in print May 2013.

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