William Shatner calls J.J. Abrams a pig for going to Star Wars


Being an avid Star Wars fan, I was more than stoked when I heard that J.J. Abrams would be directing the next trilogy for the franchise. Granted, he is still working onĀ arch nemesis Star Trek still, but it’s a sigh of relief to know that Star Wars is in good hands. Although not everyone is happy with it.

In a recent interview with Movie Fanatic, William Shatner shared his disdain for Abrams taking on Star Wars and literally calls him a pig for it. Shatner does state that Abrams is talented enough to handle both franchises, but that he’s gone too far. He also says that he sees Abrams as a good buddy of his, but was a bit unhappy that Abrams hasn’t employed him for either Star Trek nor Star Wars.

I think Shatner is a little butt hurt that Leonard Nimoy was chosen to be in the Star Trek reboot and they never thought about asking him. Although, I do think he has a valid point in stating that Abrams will be keeping both franchises close to his vest. I see that as a good thing actually. I can’t really think of another director that would have the capacity to take on such an ominous task.

Do you agree with Shatner about Abrams? And if not Abrams, what director would be worthy enough of doing the next set of Star Wars films?

Source: Movie Fanatic

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