Cosplay Spotlight: Anna ‘Ormeli’ Moleva, BioShock’s Elizabeth


So I just completed Dead Space 3 and was looking around for some cool Dead Space cosplay. I found an Ellie Langford (from Dead Space 2) cosplay by Anna “Ormeli” Moleva. You may recognize her from her famous Elizabeth cosplaying photos from BioShock Infinite (see above). She’s a cosplayer from Moscow who has also been cosplaying characters from video games like Mass Effect and Batman: Arkham Asylum.


This is Ormeli’s cosplay of Ellie Langford from Dead Space 2. Ellie makes a return in Dead Space 3 as Isaac Clarke’s ex-girlfriend. If Ormeli does do a Dead Space 3 cosplay, I’m hoping to see her in a RIG suit with her new eye (Ellie had one of her eyes replaced, giving her two different eye colors). After playing Dead Space 3, I’m a bigger fan of the character now.


Here’s Ormeli as Ellie looking down at the Necromorphs. It’s a great shot.


Her BioShock Infinite Elizabeth cosplay got her so much attention that even Irrational Games took notice. They said Ormeli’s likeness was uncanny, that they decided to hire her for the game and make her the official face for Elizabeth. This must be a first for a cosplayer to be featured on a video game cover. You know what’s not a first? A somber-looking man standing all heroic-like while holding a shotgun on his back.

arkham_asylum__poison_ivy_by_ormeli-d5au2riPhoto by Ed Satanovskyi

I’m a big fan of the Batman: Arkham Asylum game, and Ormeli’s Poison Ivy cosplay is pretty spot on, from her reddish hair and green skin to the details with the vines on her body and the Arkham jacket (Having a fit and sexy body also helps).

wonder_woman__gods_among_us_by_ormeli-d5ioyltPhoto by Ed Satanovskyi

I’m definitely digging her Injustice: Gods Among Us cosplay of Wonder Woman. She’s able to pull off the mature, beautiful, tough Amazonian warrior look. If somebody told me it was a different cosplayer, I’d believe it.

mcgee__s_alice_by_ormeli-d5fbk0xAnd here’s one of Ormeli’s signature cosplay, Alice from American Mcgee’s Alice. One of her Alice shoots had her running late in Moscow during a cold and lightly snowy morning. Imagine a pale, skinny girl in that setting with a bloody knife. Within 30 seconds, the people around her on the streets vanished quickly. This reminds me of a time I cosplayed as Vector from Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. The outfit has me all covered up, complete with a light-up gas mask, a prop gun and a knife. Just imagine seeing that walking around in and out of elevators in Downtown Los Angeles.

mass_effect_3_by_ormeli-d4wingpPhoto by Dmitry ‘Buba*Smith’

The female Shepard cosplay is looking really legit. Ormeli decided to do the version featured on the inside cover of Mass Effect 3 (see below). I still have nightmares about the Mass Effect 3 ending that every time I try to play the series again, I shiver and go into a fetal position.


Check out her pages below:

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