Michael Keaton joins Need for Speed movie


Ever since The Fast and the Furious franchise came out, there has been many that have tried to do a “street racing” film, with none actually succeeding anywhere close to what F&F had achieved. Well, Dreamworks is working on bringing EA’s Need for Speed franchise to the big screen and it could be a decent contender. The newest news for the movie, is that Michael Keaton will be joining the cast.┬áThe current roster includes Kid Cudi, Ramon Rodriguez, Harrison Gilbertson and Rami Malik.

The movie is about a street racer (Paul) who goes to prison because he is framed by his former partner (Cooper). Upon getting released, he signs up for a race across the country from New York to L.A. to get revenge. His ex-partner finds out and puts a bounty on him which leads to some crazy situations along the way of the race. Keaton’s role in the film will be the host of the underground supercar race, “where he invites the best drivers from around the world.”

There is no release date as of yet, but Act of Valor director Scott Waugh will helm the project.

Source: THR

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