A Zombie Apocalypse Food Guide

Zombies 28 weeks later

By James Puisis

You’re at work, you’re playing video games, or you’ve just woken up from a coma and you’re alone in an abandoned hospital when you hear the bad news… a virus has turned the majority of the world into flesh eating zombies.

Your first impulse may be to gather items to defend yourself. You second thought may be to try and find a safe haven. But then you realize the ultimate terrible truth… the greatest danger of a zombie apocalypse is not the zombies but Mother Nature. The movies and TV shows never seem to highlight the actual physical stress of living in a zombie infested land. If you want to survive in a post-apocalyptic world, you’re going to need food and the chances are that it will be hard to come by unless you’re fully prepared. Here is our food guide to survive a zombie apocalypse:

Zombie Food Choice Strategy

Unless you are part of that small group of people who are already in a sustainable place to rebuild society, you’re going to need to be selective in your food choice. You need to have these things in mind when choosing food:

  • Choose energy rich foods. Forget fad diets. During the Zombie Apocalypse all you need is energy and that is measured by the amount of calories, fat, and nutrients in your food. You’ll be moving a lot and physical movement requires real calories. Plan on traveling long distances.
  • Choose foods that are lightweight and portable – You need food that you can keep in a backpack or quickly bag if you need to make a run for it. You also need to make sure that the food doesn’t weigh you down so it becomes difficult to move.
  • Choose food that doesn’t degrade easily. Moldy food or food that has already gone bad is a sure way to get you sick and you can’t get sick in this world. You want food that doesn’t expire for a long time.
  • Choose foods that don’t require preparation. Unless you’re in a safe haven, items like canned foods are not necessarily a good first choice because they require preparation such as opening the can with a can opener or making a fire to heat up the food. These types of food also tend to be heavier and can easily take up space and weigh you down.  Consider preparation foods like canned food a luxury. 


  • Bottled Water – No it’s not a food but you need it anyways. Water is a given. You need water. If you don’t have water Mother Nature will claim you in a few days. Plan the rest of your food choices around the amount of water you have.
  • Dried Fruit and Vegetables – These are excellent nutrient and energy rich foods that will help you get the vitamins and minerals you need to keep you from getting sick and to help your body repair itself after a quick sprint or a long journey of which you will be doing a lot of.
  • Candy – Candy is great for giving you a short burst of energy. It’s not something to live off of but can really help during times when you really need some energy.
  • Nuts and peanut butter – Nuts are one of the best sources of energy. Nuts are packed with calories, fat, and protein. Peanut butter is also excellent choice due to its portability and how long it lasts. A single jar of peanut butter can keep you moving for close to two weeks if you are constantly on the go.
  • Beef Jerky and Meat Sticks – Beef Jerky is perhaps the best single food to have during a zombie apocalypse. Meat Sticks are packed with necessary proteins, vitamins, and minerals and are high in calories and fat. They also last for a very long time and are extremely lightweight.

If you follow these guidelines you are well on your way to saving the human race from extinction.

Author Bio: James Puisis writes on behalf of Slim Jim. For more information visit the Slim Jim website.

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