Kickstarter game, Republique, shows off survival stealth for the iOS

Republique is a Kickstarter game that reached its half-a-million-dollars goal in May 2012. The stealth survival iOS game will be available summer 2013 (also available on PC and Mac at a later date) and has you playing the role of Big Brother, helping Hope navigate via touch-based gameplay.

The game originally used pre-rendered backgrounds (like the original Resident Evil games), but developer Camouflaj decided to go all out with 3D environments instead. Check out the new screenshots below.

Republique - screen10

Republique - screen9

Republique - screen8

Republique - screen7

Camouflaj’s Development Diary

Below are the previously released trailer and screenshots.

Republique - screen5

Republique - screen6

Republique - screen4 Republique - screen3 Republique - screen2 Republique - screen1

Metal Gear Solid, Halo, F.E.A.R., Uncharted, and Kinect veterans will be developing the game.

Developed by industry veterans behind AAA games like Metal Gear Solid, Halo, F.E.A.R., Uncharted, and Kinect, République is an epic action game designed specifically for iOS.

Set in the mysterious facility known as “Metamorphosis,” République is a game that explores the present day challenges of living in a world struggling with the dangers of censorship, voyeurism and paranoia.

Books like 1984 and Brave New World have served as key sources of inspiration not only for the narrative, but also the core “stealth survival” gameplay. In République, players become Big Brother: Hope’s protector as well as a growing threat to the Overseer’s grip over his secret nation. Over the story-driven campaign, players will gradually gain control over surveillance cameras and other network-enabled devices, culminating in an epic struggle with the Overseer over Hope’s future.

Source: Republique Kickstarter

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