J.J. Abrams will still produce Star Trek films

star-trek-lens-flareLens flares everywhere! As you’ve heard big new was dropped today. In fact, this maybe the biggest moment in geekdom and all things that are nerdy. J.J. Abrams will the direct Star Wars: Episode VII. At long last we can all rejoice in the union between the “Trekkies” and warzees? Does that make us Star Trekwarsies? What about Wartreks?

LA Times got a chance to talk to Paramount’s Rob Moore. The Vice Chairman revealed that J.J. would continue to be a part of the franchise, but Star Trek: Into The Darkness would be the last film as director for the series. The Chairman also revealed that J.J. would also continue to be part or the Mission: Impossible franchise as well.

“J.J. will continue to develop projects for us including a new Mission: Impossible, and he is committed to produce another Star Trek.”

Somebody stop this man! Is he also going to do Indiana Jones 5, Jurassic Park 4 and Ghostbuster 3? What about Justice League? This also means that it will leave the director chair open for Star Trek 3.

2015 looks so far away, but stay tuned for more news.

star-wars-episode-7-posterSource: LA Times


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