Dead or Alive 5 gets another round of swimsuits, a new stage and updates


One of the main attractions for the Dead or Alive series are the female fighters. Okay, so maybe it’s the MAIN attraction, but I do enjoy the fighting and countering system. Team Ninja has released another round of swimsuits for the girls of Dead or Alive 5, which is available now for the PS3 and on January 29th for Xbox 360. The developers sure know their fanbase. That’s not the only thing. Also available now for PS3 (January 29th for xbox 360) are updates to help improve the game and a free new stage called Zack Island, as seen in Dead or Alive Beach Volleyball.


The island-themed swimsuit DLCs will be available in 3 different packs for $4.99/400 Microsoft Points each. If you want to save money, you can purchase a bundle pack for $12.99 / 1040 Microsoft Points. The first swimsuit pack includes Kasumi, Kokoro, Helena, and Sarah. Pack 2 includes Hitomi, Leifang, Mila, and Pai. Pack 3 includes Ayane, Christie, Tina, and Lisa.

The Dead or Alive 5 1.03 update will include new fighting moves, combat balancing, online improvements and adjustments, updated content and movie upload functions, and updates based on player feedback.

And now the moment you’re all waiting to see…the new swimsuit collection by Team Ninja!

DOA5DLC_GroupB_battle_mila VS christie-sm  DOA5DLC_GroupB_SwimsuitCollectionB_Ayane DOA5DLC_GroupB_SwimsuitCollectionB_Christie DOA5DLC_GroupB_SwimsuitCollectionB_Helena DOA5DLC_GroupB_SwimsuitCollectionB_Hitomi DOA5DLC_GroupB_SwimsuitCollectionB_Kasumi DOA5DLC_GroupB_SwimsuitCollectionB_Kokoro DOA5DLC_GroupB_SwimsuitCollectionB_Leifang DOA5DLC_GroupB_SwimsuitCollectionB_Lisa DOA5DLC_GroupB_SwimsuitCollectionB_Mila DOA5DLC_GroupB_SwimsuitCollectionB_Pai DOA5DLC_GroupB_SwimsuitCollectionB_Sarah

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