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Talk about nerd rage. The amount of response Screw Attack got from their Goku vs. Superman episode is off the charts. Of course, DBZ fans seem to be a little more vocal than Superman fans. Many loyal Goku fans were not happy with the outcome of the highly anticipated match. Some have even gone as far as to say that the numbers given in Death Battle’s research are completely wrong. Keep in mind that all the data used to calculate the fight was independently gathered from top Dragon Ball and Superman fansites.

Even Derek Padula, the author of the official Dragon Ball encyclopedia, could not argue with the outcome of the match.

I believe that Goku should have won and I gave ScrewAttack every possible reason I could to state why, backed up with thorough character analysis and facts.

Even so, they stayed true to the character’s different personalities to a high degree, and while I could nitpick the tiny details (like I’m sure millions of fans will do), what’s the use at this point?

The conclusion really comes down to ScrewAttack’s final thoughts, which is that Goku is excellent at bursting through limits, but Superman simply has no limits to begin with. When you look at the statistics they put on paper, it’s hard to disagree with the result.

It was a fun battle and I was honored to be a part of it!

statsDuring the recent episode of SideScrollers, Death Battle’s Chad James talked about the mixed reaction they received from fans. Chad also reveals in the interview that the Death Battle team actually leaned heavily in the favor of Goku when it came to find out his max potential because of how just outmatched he was by Superman.

You can watch the full SideScrollers episode below. The Death Battle segment begins around the fifteen minute mark. Also, if you haven’t watched the Death Battle already you can find it listed below as well.

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