Reaction to Superman vs. Goku Death Battle


Talk about nerd rage. The amount of response Screw Attack got from their Goku vs. Superman episode is off the charts. Of course, DBZ fans seem to be a little more vocal than Superman fans. Many loyal Goku fans were not happy with the outcome of the highly anticipated match. Some have even gone as far as to say that the numbers given in Death Battle’s research are completely wrong. Keep in mind that all the data used to calculate the fight was independently gathered from top Dragon Ball and Superman fansites.

Even Derek Padula, the author of the official Dragon Ball encyclopedia, could not argue with the outcome of the match.

I believe that Goku should have won and I gave ScrewAttack every possible reason I could to state why, backed up with thorough character analysis and facts.

Even so, they stayed true to the character’s different personalities to a high degree, and while I could nitpick the tiny details (like I’m sure millions of fans will do), what’s the use at this point?

The conclusion really comes down to ScrewAttack’s final thoughts, which is that Goku is excellent at bursting through limits, but Superman simply has no limits to begin with. When you look at the statistics they put on paper, it’s hard to disagree with the result.

It was a fun battle and I was honored to be a part of it!

statsDuring the recent episode of SideScrollers, Death Battle’s Chad James talked about the mixed reaction they received from fans. Chad also reveals in the interview that the Death Battle team actually leaned heavily in the favor of Goku when it came to find out his max potential because of how just outmatched he was by Superman.

You can watch the full SideScrollers episode below. The Death Battle segment begins around the fifteen minute mark. Also, if you haven’t watched the Death Battle already you can find it listed below as well.

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  • Ahmed Ndenzako

    goku should have whon

    • Michael Jean-Francois

      Why? Goku has gotten beat down by Buu. Couldn’t beat Cell. Hell he had to team up w/ Vegeta! C’mon…. I love Goku>Supes, but…

  • Jose Antonio Castro

    ok i’ve read alot of suerman comics and he has a weaknes to energy /magic based attacks, Goku kamehameha was able to blow up the earth in the cell saga, imagine the buu saga.

    • Andrew Alokfaasnual Smailes

      not energy at all just magic, if there’s no magic his body will most likely over come it, theoreticly it would be possible to create an attack powerful enough but it would just destroy everything else too, so it would be completely pointless

    • JoseCuervo

      Superman does not have a weakness to magic, he is just not invulnerable to it.. there is a difference.

  • Silrian

    Where do people get these insane Superman stats from? If he’s that strong to begin with why the hell doesn’t he own every villain he has with ease? Hell Batman beat Superman and B is just a human. At least Goku trains consistently and his Saiyin race has a sick survival skill. Superman seems pretty inconsistent in what he can do.

    Goku would brutally own most of Superman’s incarnations, hell, Vegeta would probably too. And no Im not American, also not Asian. So no nationalistic stakes here, just plain reason.

    • Pancake

      If you watch the video, or read the articles, they gathered all the information from multiple sources. The man who runs the Dragon Ball said it best with “While Goku constantly breaks through his own limits, Superman HAS NO limits to what he can do.”

    • Andrew Alokfaasnual Smailes

      that’s mainly because superman knows if he really “tried” he could destroy most things without hesitation but he’s too much of a goody “boy-scout” to do so, he is as powerful as the situation demands, this is why is a very bad thing when supes loses control

      • Zachary Johnson

        Apparently, Batman believes that the turn of Superman to the dark side is inevitable due to him being the most powerful superhero of the Justice League, and thus has contrived to confiscate and store half the world’s kyrptonite in a secret vault just for backup sakes.
        I still think its unlikely that that will happen, but DC love their drama (Civil War?) and this is a perfect sellout plotline. Mostly this emphasises Batman’s pragmatic nature and Wayne’s predisposition against relying on one hero (which is pretty much what the DC Universe does to Superman).

    • JoseCuervo

      “Where do people get these insane Superman stats from?”

      “Hell Batman beat Superman and B is just a human”
      Batman beat Superman in TDKR which is NON canon. Plus, did he reeally beat him?

      Bats, after 20 years of planning, gets his ribs broken, his fancy suit
      torn to shreds, suffers a heart attack, and ends up in the ground. His
      entire plan relies on Superman being weak after surviving a nuclear explosion , being struck by a kryptonite arrow and counting on Superman holding back and NOT simply unplugging
      Bruce from his lamp-post or disabling him from space. Get real.. Batman ahs never beaten Superman in canon.

      if you read Batman/Superman #56
      Silver Banshee transfers Superman’s powers to Batman. Clark is left
      powerless until he eventually outsmarts Bruce in confrontation during a
      critical moment in a plan orchestrated by Clark and Zatanna. Afterward,
      Batman even solemnly expresses how impressed he is with Superman’s
      critical thinking.

      And if you are going to say “Goku would brutally own most of Superman’s incarnations” Then all I have to say is Superman Prime Gold.

  • Wilt Manglicmot

    This could go either way really. A couple of notes, Superman does have limits. Physically he has been beat to a standstill with Doomsday and had trouble with Doomsday when they fought again. Mentally Superman will not kill and will debate the thought of killing. This is of course pre new 52 I have no idea what that Superman is like.

    • Andrew Alokfaasnual Smailes

      then you have to look at the fact that doomsday was a breed of kryptonian…well clone but still, created solely for killing. since he has more or less the same amount of power as superman the only factor is that even though doomsday was evil and trying to kill him, superman would not put in enough power to kill him

    • JoseCuervo

      Superman killed Doomsday,,, you are talking about a KRYPTONIAN monster. Superman has kileld plenty Pre new 52, he used to kill plenty in the Silver age

  • Anthony V McFey

    Screw Attack’s outcome was on the money, DBZ fans just need to stop whining.

  • seishiro

    the problem with this matchup is they way the characters were created. superman was created to basically never lose and entertain readers with ridiculous abilities. and goku was created as a character that had to overcome overwhelming opponents and circumstances. these characters were created for different reasons and with different creative mindsets. supermans powers HAVE fluctuated throughout the characters existence in order to make him interesting. no one finds a character to be interesting when they are endlessly powerful, and seeing as how he is not a magic based character like shazam he should have limits. maybe supermans limits werent described in great detail but he does have them, or has had them in the past. with that being said it isnt fair to match someone who has had a more clear, gradual, and a more realistic power base against someone whose power base has changed so much due to creative inconsistency, or another way of putting it, against someones powerbase that has been vague from the onset. it isnt fair in terms of trying to yield an actual realistic result. however i would have to point out that the physics for goku’s universe are far different for the physics in supermans universe. supermans universe is practically identical to ours. goku’s is not. in goku’s universe ki is the source of gokus power. in supermans universe his brute strength is solar powered but its just physical or it’s such amount of times stronger than a mans strength. with that being said if cell was able to gather enough ki to destroy a solar system, and at goku’s peak performance super saiyin level 4. he would be beyond galaxy busting strength. and considering saiyans get stronger with their genetic phenomenon then its in my opnion that goku is the one that has no limits. he has had some limits outlined through out the series but with the best reference to destruction level power in the series which was cell’s reference to him destroying the solar system and vegetas reference to him being able to destroy a planet and freeza’s ability to destroy a planet with little effort. the ki based universe trumps supermans universe. peak level goku beats superman hands down. in fact superman has never faced a fighter in the same league as goku. a ss4 goku has the potential to destroy more than one galaxy.

    in retrospect the things that were overlooked in this matchup are what determined the winner. this matchup follows a formula similar to deadliest warrior and doesnt take respective universe physics into account. if you take these two characters at their peak with measurable and reasonable power figures that ground them to their individual realities. goku wins and by a lot.

    on a side not i dont think that just because they wrote wiki'[s or write blogs that makes them the authorities when it comes to this kind of a matchup. the research behind this can be accessed easily by anyone with internet access and some elbow grease.

    • Cj

      Imperiex, Darksied, Parallax, Thor, Galactus goku couldn’t touch anyone of them.

      • seishiro

        I think you want to touch them… Feg. Seriously tho you had to comment after two years? Goddam loser cruising through old comments. Goku would kill all of them at the same time. Screw attack is a joke with their one sided battle.

  • seishiro basically proves screw attacks statistics are way off… and that discrepancy with supe prime… come on this is bs… screw attack is biased. i loves supe and goku but if youre gonna start talking about a vs battle get the right statistics and let the battle unfold logically. tanks to underlordtico

  • lopez

    Where do these numbers come from ?!

    There is absolutly no logic in DBZ . You just can’t mesure that .
    Goku can’t lift 40 tons and then he can focus enough power and strenght to destroy planets , at least… WTF .
    Once he is faster than light and then he isn’t.

    SSJ2 anihilate magic powers (majin vegeta)and briefly go through alternative dimension (Gohan vs Bojack)…And then it does nothing.
    Those are not canon but , again…when you think about it , what is canon and what isn’t in Superman ?
    Remember when he “died” in a nuclear blast ? He is an icone , a popular character. Very U.S , Stronger during cold war , weaker before that.

    They are both like bugs bunny. They simply can’t be compared because they are both “variable”and not really serious.
    Think about what/who is BEHIND the characters. A superman who can’t win is not superman anymore. The same for Goku. We all know that they will end victorious/stronger , even if they face difficulties.

    • JoseCuervo

      Where do these numbers come from

      Remember when he “died” in a nuclear blast

  • Bardock jr.

    Super mans as hard as arock they say that in every superman movie show and comic goku can blow up a planet with a hit

  • Bardock jr.

    You really have to watch each person 1000 of time to really tell and really superman s dick

  • Bardock jr.

    SPIRIT BOMB at SUPER SAYIAN 4 easy defeats superfagget vegeta could be superman and remember there going to be more shit for goku that you have to add after the new movie and they never said there was not going to be new series and arika toriyama said he might make himself the greatest anime maker of all time one season will do that so the fights not over

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