CES: Wireless music has never been so good when a portable device and durablility with a Braven

Last year we got the chance to review the Braven 600, a portable Bluetooth speaker allowing you to stream your music from any device. The Braven not only plays your music, but it also gives you the ability to charge your mobile device while listening to your music. Best of all it was pretty small, and we walked around Anime Expo, blasting the music loudly. People were looking around for a boombox, but little did they know that it came from a small rectangular box.


This year at CES Braven showcased two new Bluetooth speaker devices, the first was the 800 model, which is a larger model of the 600 version. It gives all the great functions of the 600 with the ability to charge your tablet devices now too. Because of the size it is louder than the 600 series, just not as portable.

Next was a durable, drop proof and water resistant Braven portable speaker. Using a rubber coating the speaker is able to withstand drops from up to 3M keeping the device safe. It is a bit bulkier than the Braven BRV-1 model, but the BRV-1 has another ability which I think is the coolest of all.


Taking a bottle of water the Braven worker just poured nearly half of it on the speaker side of the Braven covering it. He then proceeded to play some music as suddenly the speaker started shooting out water until it started playing music once again as if nothing. The rubber lining helped clear out the rest of the water in seconds. It’s resistant to water and can handle being dropped in a pool (just don’t submerge it). I can think of some fun pranks I could pull with it, since with the original mode we put it in place people wouldn’t expect and blasted it. The BRV-1 had a great sound and base with the few songs we got to hear and we can’t wait to get our hands on both models.


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