CES: The Sportiiiis & Viiiiva from 4iiii Innovations

Sportiiiis-ViiiivaIn the last few years we’ve seen an explosion of devices that will help you track and analyze your daily workout. We’ve seen everything from censors in your watches, shoes, Heart Rate monitors, and smart phone apps. 4iiii Innovations has taken the next step forward with two devices. First, the Sportiiiis, a HUD-like device that you can attach to virtually any pair of sunglasses. It can be attached on either the left or right side of your sunglasses very easily. Once attached you get two different types of prompts, voice by a small microphone close to your ear, and the other with LEDs on the flexible boom.

With all the other devices I named previously, like a sports watch, you tend to check your progress during your workout, distracting you from your target goals. The Sportiiiis, will alert you based on your preset goals and keep you focused on the workout. Customization can be done on the PC or Mac and even with your iPhone or Android device.


Some specs of the Sportiiiis

  • Built multi-colored LEDs and verbal prompts guide you to target zones
  • LED brightness is monitored by a built-in ambient light sensor
  • Battery last up to 17 hrs between charged
  • Independent profiles for Run and Bike
  • Compatible with ANT+ devices
  • Attaches to virtually any glasses and weights less than 10g (1/3oz)
  • Mac/PC configured app
  • Add Viiiiva HRM fro on-the-go configuration using your iPhone
  • Record your workout data for download and analysis (.FIT format)

I was also told that the standby time should be about 30 days and charge time is close to 2 hours if the device is totally drained. At an MSRP of $149 this could be the gadget that helps you accomplish that New Year’s resolution.


The second device is a Heart Rate monitor, Viiiiva, that not only keeps track of your Heart Rate but it becomes a bridge to information for your other workout devices as well. The Viiiiva will feed all of that valuable information back to the iPhone app, in turn giving you more accurate data about your workout without having to wait to sync each device individually.

Hear are some facts about the Viiiiva

  • Accurate Heart Rate measurement on your iPhone without awkward adapters
  • Works with your ANT+ displays such as Garmin, Adidas and Timex
  • See all of your ANT+ sensors (Foot Pod, Bike Speed/Cadence, Power) in real time on your iPhone with free 4iiii App or
  • popular iOS fitness Apps.
  • Save workout sessions directly onto Viiiiva (.FIT files)
  • Add Sportiiiis head-up performance coach for visual and audio cues to keep you motivated and on target
  • Gateway for your iPhone to change Sporiiiis settings
  • Extend iPhone battery life with TipTap (tap Viiiiva to wake up your display as need)
  • Viiiiva runs on a coin cell battery for over a year. NO need to recharge.

The bottom line is if you’re a runner or cyclist, with Viiiiva (MSRP $79) & Sportiiiis (MSRP $149) together, you will stay in the zone and archive your workout goals with minimal distractions. My advice is to visit the 4iiii website and get either device, or both for a discount. You can also check out the video and screen shots below for more information.


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