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As a sucker for great sounding audio and as someone who always listens to music at the office, I’m always on the market to find some great headphones. While I do not own many expensive headphones, I do tend to splurge once in a while and get one of those expensive headphones. Unfortunately, I always end up disappointed in the performance or have the headphone speakers breaking in about a month or two. It’s really hard to find a great pair of headphones that is both durable and sound great. This is when the Phiaton Moderna MS 200 landed in my hands, as I recently had an expensive headphones break recently. In a competitive market for ear-bud headphones, how do these headphones compare?



The sleek red-and-black look is what caught my eye about these headphones. While the color scheme may not be original (see: Mass Effect) the look of these headphones is just outstanding. The Phiaton Moderna MS 200 uses a bright red cable, which includes an in-line phone remote control and microphone that works with Apple iOS devices, as well as Android phones and tablets.

Along with the headphones, a carrying pouch, as well as a total of four pairs of red silicon ear tips (XS, S, M, L), one pair of ergonomic RightFit Silicone ear tips, and one pair of Comply grey foam ear tips. Needless to say, you have a plethora of ear-buds to choose from. While the choices are there, the foam ear tips and the ergonomic ear tips feel awkward after a while. While I ultimately decided that the regular ear tips are the best options, they don’t create the strongest seal in your ears. Unfortunately, after long listening sessions they can begin to feel slightly uncomfortable.

Grade: B



Let’s get something out of the way from the get-go. The Phiaton Moderna MS 200 headphones are one of the best headphones I’ve ever had, period. For starters, these headphones deliver a crystal-clear quality audio that even the Monster Beats by Dr. Dre Studio Headphones that I bought cannot compare to and at half the price of Beats as well. I started noticing details in tracks that I never noticed before; it was as if I was listening to the tracks for the very first time.

On other headphones, I noticed that while listening to tracks with some heavy bass in it that the headphones tend to have some distortion in the audio while listening at loud volume. The Moderna MS 200, thankfully, had no such issues. While listening to Skrillex’s “Bangarang” and EMINEM’s “Till’ I Collapse” at very high volumes, the sound quality never distorted at all. Despite the clean sound, this is definitely not the pair for you if you’re seeking booming bass. The one knock off I have with the headphones is that the boom prevalent in anything with bass seem to be missing that booming feeling I found in other ear-bud headphones. I feel that the price of delivering bass cleanly in these headphones is the intensity of bass. I listen to a lot of electronic dance music, rock, and hip-hop, and while the Moderna MS 200s are godsends for EDM and rock, I did notice the loss of boom when I listen to more of the bass-heavy hip-hop tracks. Tracks like The Game’s “Purp & Yellow (SKEETOX Remix)” or Dr. Dre’s “Keep Their Head’s Ringin'” still has a punch to the drum and bass synths but lacks any boom to it.

Grade: A-

Overall, these are one of the best headphones I’ve ever used in my life. Although the Moderna MS 200 is pricey – running at $120 – and with the slight criticism I have with the ear tips and bass, these headphones I will gladly buy again should the day come when the speakers give way to the high volume I listen my music to. Especially since these headphones delivered a crisp and very accurate audio that made me go “Wow” the first time I used these headphones. With that reaction, I gladly will endorse these headphones to everyone I know.

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