Fan-made 7-year developed Jurassic Park game needs your help

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Some very interesting footage popped up online this week from a cool fan-made project. Nearly almost 7 years ago, a couple of fans planned to make a Jurassic Park game using the Half-Life 2 engine. It’s been quiet awhile since the group started in 2006, and just this week they finally released their first trailer.

The game has been named Jurassic Life. The game takes place during the events of the movie and it puts you in the shoes of Robert Muldoon. Yes, the guy with the funny hat that gets eaten by a velociraptor in the first movie. Dennis Nedry also makes an appearance in the game. No word yet if we’ll see other familiar faces running around the park.

From the trailer you can see that you visit a lot of familiar places. The Visitor Center, the Raptor Compound, etc. You basically run around the park while shit is going down and try to fix all the problems with your handy shotgun. I like that the shotgun in the game is the exact same model of the one Muldoon was seen carrying in the film.


Don’t we already know how this ends?

The game looks pretty interesting. No word yet on a release date, but if you would like to contribute on this project. The developers are looking for volunteers.

Simply follow the link listed below to find out more:

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