OUYA Dev consoles now shipping

ouya_console-580x4131A few months ago I posted about a new Android powered, open source console. The Kickstarter campaign raised over $8.5 million to develop the new console. With the money raised the OUYA team promised to release the developer version and SDK before the end of 2012.

Via the OUYA forum this week, the announcement came that the developer units are shipping this week. The public release won’t be until March or April of 2013, but developers can now fine tune games for the masses. The game line up doesn’t have many familiar titles, except for Final Fantasy III. It’s being supported by OnLive, VEVO, and iHeartRadio for streaming.

I personally can’t wait to play some games on this console. What really stood out to me about this was the free-to-play model OUYA would use. A lot of us have grown up owning numerous consoles over the years. I still remember Jam Pack demo disks for my PlayStation and PlayStation 2. The gaming industry has come a long way, since everything is becoming digital and we can now download full games and game trials.

While the cost savings benefit gaming companies, gaming has exploded in cost for the consumer. I hope OUYA is very successful in 2013.  With its consumer unit expected to only cost $99 and it being a free-to-play model, I think every gamer will find it hard not to want to play.

Source: OUYA Forum, Engadget

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