Google TV on LG’s new Smart TV


Continuing its trail of global software dominance, the much touted Google TV will be pre-installed on LG’s new G2 lineup of SmartTVs. For those that don’t know what GogoleTV is, it is a digital platform for accessing all of your TV shows, movies, apps, and it even has a¬†browser through Chrome.

Thanks to LG’s L9 dual core processor, everything will be quick and snappy. Because the platform is shared throughout all of Google’s services, you will be able to access the Google Play store to download apps and use it on the TV just like if it was a smartphone (only you can’t make calls through it, or can it?).

Will GoogleTV do what cable and satellite providers have attempted for years? Only time will tell, but for now these are available on LG’s official website. With CES coming around soon, we’ll let you know if Google’s one step closer to taking over the world.

LG Google TV website

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