Yet another reason NOT to use Instagram


Instagram has been a staple for many a young phoneographer since its release in October of 2010. With a variety of interesting filters, borders, and blur options, it became the go-to app for anyone who believes others would be fascinated by images of their breakfast, in sepia. Now with the recent buyout of Instagram by internet giant Facebook, the Terms of Service have changed. One interesting little segment states that Instagram MAY use any image uploaded to or through it with partnering advertisers. Simply stated, this means that you may be the next face of Viagra or Vagisil without your direct consent. Worst of all, you won’t even get paid for it.

A recent blog post from Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom stated that Instagram does not INTEND to sell photos and would rather try advertising that feels more appropriate. What does this mean? Abso-F&)$%#g-lutely nothing. He simply states that this is not their first choice, but that they may still use any image you upload without separate consent. Exactly what did we expect from such an immensely popular ad-free app? We won’t know for sure until mid-January.


Is there an alternative? Well, Twitter is getting ready to launch their own photo filter application, and Flickr is welcoming anyone who jumps ship. There are a multitude of apps that offer more variation in filters and blurry options to users, but for the time being it is the only app with a social media focus.

All of this, not to mention Instagram is now being hit with a class action lawsuit according to

So, breakfast bloggers, get outta’ there. Is it really worth giving up the rights to your own creations just for a few filters? Next time, think twice before you click this button:


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  • supersainaa

    1st paragraph, 3rd word from the end: paid*

    • Ben

      Also 1st para, possessive “its”, not “it’s”. And it’s not “sephia” but “sepia”.

      • Adam K

        Also very helpful, many thanks Ben.

    • Adam K

      Paid, sorry for the horrible misunderstanding. :)

  • Dick Johnson

    He should learn the word “ad”. How sad that writers these days don’t know English.

  • guest

    so sad. i’m still deleting my account despite the udated TOS. :(

  • Robert Gomez

    you can’t delete facebook either, since they are owned by the same company, go figure. to delete facebook you first have to painstakingly remove all your photos etc, make it an empty account. but then it is not fully deleted. and they own all of your stuff anyway

  • Fart doctor

    Instagram didn’t start earlier this year and this author didn’t make up the word phonetegrapher. Nice try though.

    • Adam K

      Fart Doctor, lulz

      Love the name, and the term Phonographer has been invented, but not Phonetographer! So HA!

      Fixed the launch date. I asked a roomate and he gave me bad info on the launch date, should have been more vigilant with that. For this, I apologize

  • Satan

    Instagram didn’t start this year and this author did not invent the word phoneographer. Nice try though. And he can’t spell, hope he is not be “payed” to write.

    • Adam K

      Unfortunately I made the error of asking a nearby friend if he knew the launch date off the top of his head. Horrid mistake. I am in college for Medical Technology. So HA Satan, I will instead be saving lives while you correct Grammar mistakes.

  • Fettermann

    I read two of your articles today Addamm, and both had typos. Spelling matters …. especially if you are a writer.

    • Adam K

      Thanks Fettermann,

      English is not my first language. I speak four fluently and may have conflicting issues once in a while but am working on it. I will be much more vigilant in the future.

  • Bill Schnizby


    This is the most poorly written piece of magoo I’ve ever read.

    The kid who wrote this must be 15.

    • Adam K

      Well Bill,

      You must be Mr.Magoo because I have no idea what you’re talking about, no mistakes like those in the article above whatsoever!

      I wish I was 15 again :(

  • Rebecca Flores

    Yes, I’d agree with the “deadly” writing skills: the appalling spelling, sloppy grammar, and generalizations (and errors!) in the piece are killing me!

  • Vincent

    First…the phrase is phoneographer. And second, I highly doubt anyone’s likeness will be used in a Viagra ad, or anything so ridiculous. And last, there’s a a lot of “older” users on Instagram too. Really I could keep going on and on, as you clearly based all your knowledge of the APP off a quick 5 min test run.

    • Adam K

      Vincent, I’ve been using the application for roughly about a year now, and I understand that older users have even more to be worried about. Pictures of their children, homes, and other semi-personal belongings exist on Instagram, and must be protected.

  • donald

    -1, “unlike”. More like insta/scam/, cha!

  • gadfly

    Well ya didnt create a new word, its been in use since at least 2010. sorry bud

    • Adam K

      Holy chimneys batman, can’t a guy make a single joke on the interwebs?

  • gadfly

    Well ya didnt create a new word, its been in use since at least 2010. sorry bud

    • Adam K

      Not even a single joke was understood this day.

  • Fat Chants

    what a moron. 10-year-olds have better grammar. maybe lose the late night video games, dumbass, and the smug signature when you can’t even spell small words correctly. cheeseburgers and coke for brains.

    • Adam K

      This is coming from somebody with the inability to punctuate?

  • Aces

    Don’t give up your day job buddy !

  • Fat Chants

    lol he should learn the word “writer” as well, just in case he’s mistaking it for “scribbler” or, better yet, a word he imagines he made up, being born yesterday and all

    • Adam K

      Seriously? This coming from somebody who starts their sentences with “LOL”?

  • John Bonfield

    Yeah, your writing skills are deadly. They are killing me, at least.
    Hey, look at me! I can invent a new word!

    “Grammar”, as in , “My Grammar ken write better’n you!”

    • Adam K

      John, That is just unnecessarily dumb. Not to mention a waste of your time. Why would we ever need Grammar?!

  • Opinion1969

    Complete lack of writing skill and no fact checking. Just some pimple-faced dork trying to pretend to be a serious writer. The only thing missing are emoticons and texting acronyms.

    I believe his bio says it all: “Adam “kharakov” Kharat is part nerd, part geek, and full awesome. With deadly writing skills and the sleeping habits of a jackrabbit, late night gaming sessions are all but mandatory.”

    Yeah, that’s a reputable source…

    • Adam K

      Good sir, I will have you know that my face lacks a single blemish, let alone a pimple.
      My sources included both CNN, CNET, Kotaku, and Instagram’s own home page, so unless you consider them not to be reputable then please cross check.

  • spelling teacher

    Spelling in this article is atrocious. If you finished college you should ask for a refund.

  • Michael Jean-Francois

    Holy strainer Batman! What in the world did Adam do to get this treatment? I better check my grammar, seems that the English majors are all ovulating at the same time!

    “No time Robin… Quickly, throw a poorly constructed run on sentence with…..”

    Ok batman. Your right too try and save this poorly misleaded guy from them internet?

    “The Auto-Bat-Correct is going crazy! Good job Robin…. Wait. ::GASP:: These aren’t merely English Majors! They’re Zombie Grammar Nazi Trolls!…. Hand me my Bat Thesaurus Necrophilia Star of David 3rd Billy Goat Gruffer…Er.”


  • Adam K

    Hey everyone!

    Thank you so much for your comments and criticisms.
    While I may not have the best spelling and grammar, I try to get the news to you guys as fast as possible. If you check the post time, it clearly says 3AM. Although this isn’t the greatest excuse, I should have been more thorough with my writing.

    While i may include a joke or two in my articles, the facts are always hard checked through multiple sources. I hope you can forgive me for the horrid errors, and I will improve with time.

    <3 You all.

    -Aram K

    • Adam K

      P.P.S. Before the English majors attack again, Payed is misspelled again as a joke this time.

      • Adam K

        It is spelled Paid. I know this.

    • Bradley W

      Seriously though, you should always check over your work before publishing, no matter how breaking the story is. Jetpack for WordPress has a spelling/grammar checker that does a pretty decent job at finding mistakes. Not trying to sound trollish in any way, but people will always jump down your throat for it and ignore the more important issues. Take 5 minutes after writing to do a quick check.

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