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It’s a good month for the Hobbit since it has raked in $36.7 million for its second week opening, making it the #1 movie two times in a row for a total of $149.9 million. We teamed up with Pressman Toy for a Hobbit Adventure Game Board Contest where the winner would receive the Hobbit Game Board prize valued at $29.99. We’ve received many entrees, but it’s up to that one special person to claim the winning prize by providing me with the best answer. But before I announce the winner, I’d like to honor some of the other participants.

Honorable Mentions

Andrew Chang
“Make a LOTR movie trilogy without Peter Jackson’s elfy fanboy-ism. Dwarfs, especially Gimli (turned into Jar Jar of LOTR) got seriously jipped in the movies!”

I did notice that Peter Jackson loves to make the elves cool. I mean, he couldn’t resist adding them to the Battle of Helms Deep.

Benjamin Snyder
“I’d throw the best party a Took, Baggins or Brandybuck has ever seen! A non stop feast, fireworks and the best pipe weed money can buy!”

Props for name-dropping the last names of some of the Hobbits.

Matthew Lane
“I’d buy an outhouse so the dwarves can drop their deuces some place other than my comfy hobbit hole, thank you very much.”

Potty humor, lol.

Debbie Penny
“I would buy up all the pipe weed and become the hobbit weed lord.”

Because that would mean Debbit would have the finest weed in the Southfarthing.

Savannah Alday
“If I were Bilbo, I would use riches to apply numerous padlocks and bolts to my door, to prevent further unwanted guests from intruding, and also to my pantry. No longer shall overweight, clumsy dwarves raid my stash!”

Looks like a lot of our readers aren’t keen on dwarves trashing the place.

Dana Pugsley
“I would use all of my riches to open drug rehabs because as we all know; drugs are Hobbit-forming ;)”

Okay, so it seems like Dana is trying to get Debbit into rehab.

Jason Ishibashi
“1. Duplicate the one ring to get Gollum off my back.
2. Buy Hobbiton and get those annoying neighbors/family off my back.
3. Smoke my pipe in peace”

Looks like Jason’s go-to guy for his pipe-weed now belongs to Debbie. Oh that Hobbit weed lord.

And the Winner Is…

Mark Meredith
“I would purchase all the attractive hobbit whores I could find. Then I’d turn my home into the brothel from “The game of thrones”, except I’d call it “‘obbit-Holes’.”

I love the Game of Thrones reference and pun, and I’m always amused by funny sexual jokes. You sir, will be a Hobbit pimp with your brand-new Hobbit Adventure Game Board, or shall I call it, “Hobbit-Holes Game Board.” Mark, please send me an email (on the about page) including your full name and mailing info. And thanks to all for participating.

Source: Box Office Mojo

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