Get some Thundercats, Nintendo, and Bleach in your Nerdcore music

nerdcore absolution

Now this is a collection worth owning if you’re into nerdcore music. Even if you’re not, having songs dedicated to shows like Thundercats and Bleach, and magazines like Nintendo Power, is always a cool thing. Visit Toonami Faithful’s site ( to preview and purchase the album.

Here’s the full list of songs for the Nerdcore Absolution album by Geek-E Productions/

1. KadeshFlow – Thundercats Nerdcrunk 03:30
2. Mega Ran – Nintendo Power (free) 03:12
3. Kadeshflow – Bleach Anger (free) 02:39
4. Mega Ran – Splash Woman (free) 05:16
5. JFKrateZ – Knowlege is Power (free) 05:51
6. ZMix (feat. None Like Joshua) – Dragon Ball Z Dubstep (free) 04:19
7. Mister Wilson ft Kadesh Flow – Doomsday (free) 04:15
8. Kadeshflow – #WatchToonami 02:57
9. Mega Ran (Feat. Mister Wilson) – Eat Em UP 03:15
10. Ultraklystron (feat. Richie Branson & Mikal kHill) – City of Amnesia 04:31
11. Richie Branson – PokeRap 02:21
12. Richie Branson Feat. Kadeshflow – Nerdcore Absolution 03:29

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