Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse Review

family-guy-back-to-the-multiverse-3Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse is based off of Season 8’s Family Guy episode “Road to the Multiverse,” which focused around Stewie and Brian traveling to multiple universes. Bertram (Stewie’s half brother) is back, or to be more precise, an alternate dimension version of Bertram who wants to kill Stewie. To do that he plans on destroying the universe by recruiting an army from multiple universes. So it’s up to Stewie and Brian to stop Bertram and save the day.

Featuring a whole new script penned by Seth Macfarlane and the Family Guy staff, and developed by Heavy Iron, The game features ten different universes, each one leaving Stewie and Brian fighting for their lives from the Amish, College students, handicapped, evil chickens and an evil army of Mayor West. No one is safe. Brian is equipped with handguns, shotguns and sniper rifles while Stewie is armed with lasers, ray guns and heavy explosives. Each character can unlock weapons that can be found or bought.

The game is focused on a third person shooting style. In single player you’ll be able to switch out between the two characters, or a second player can join in on the fun anytime.


I found myself cracking up during the game, especially during the space chicken mission. In that mission, you see a mechanical chicken appear, to which Stewie says “I hate Robot Chicken!”

Chris (Seth Green) replies, “I heard that, you Son of a bitch!” Seth Mcfarlane and Seth Green take jabs at each other as they have on the Star Wars special.

Other comical moments include seeing old man Herbert being a perv in different universes and Peter and the giant chicken. It’s filled with music played by Walter Murphy and His Orchestra, who also does the music for the Family Guy TV show. There are parody songs including Peter singing “Milkshake”, “Bird Is the Word” and plenty of songs featured on the show. If you pause the game at anytime, you can hear the Family Guy theme song sung by Stewie, Brian and Frank Sinatra Jr. from season 4’s “Brian Sings and Swings.”


I did however find some problems with the game with crashing. At moments when I enter the weapon menu, the game would freeze and lock up, requiring me to restart the game over and over. It has happened to me five times. The 3D-style animation didn’t help much, as it could have benefited more from a 2D-style world. Characters like Meg, Chris, and Lois have bit parts, who are usually just sitting in one place and repeating the same lines, with Peter having more of a role, including that of a villain.


Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse is targeted to fans, but anyone can pick this game up. Only fans of the show would get many of the jokes and one liners you hear throughout the game. Back to the Multiverse can get stale with many of the lines being repeated from characters, and some of it I can forgive because hearing insults to Meg, and Stewie and Brian going back and forth with quick insults and quips work. It’s great for fans but while it is not a super short game, you can beat the main story fairly quickly.

After that you can play multiplayer games with three other friends (sadly it’s local only) featuring modes like Deathmatch, Infiltration, and Capture the Greased Up Deaf Guy (Which is the only time you get to use characters from the Family Guy universe). Still nobody wants to be Meg.

The game obviously won’t win a Game of the Year Award, but it does what the game sets out to do, which is to make players laugh and smile. The game is definitely worth playing for fans of the series, but it’s a definite rental.

Grade: C+

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