Max Factory announces Kid Icarus: Uprising’s Pit and Dark Pit Figmas

Nintendo and Max Factory have been on a roll this year, first releasing the Samus Figma in Japan back in August and the Link Figma in November. Both were successes for the fans, and a third and fourth Figma have been announced.

Pit and Dark Pit from Kid Icarus: Uprising are the next two figmas being sold separately at 3800円  each (above $50). After the success of Uprising, this would be the first Kid Icarus figure to be released after his long break in gaming after Kid Icarus 2.

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Pit comes with the ‘Palutena’s Holy Bow’ and in three different forms. Included are the Sword and Fist, Monoeye enemy, and two facial expressions. Dark Pit comes with two facial expressions, as well as his “Pittoo Staff’ and Silver Bow. Both Figmas can be posed in many ways to recreate the action from the Nintendo 3DS game made possible by the smooth joints and stand.  The amazing details are seen in every inch of the figure, including the wings, outfit and hair. Also included in both Figmas are AR cards from Uprising that can be used with the game. Currently it is unknown if it will be usable with the American/European copies of Uprising.

The Link and Samus Figmas sold out quickly in Japanese retailers and US anime stores. They are selling online now for more than $100 each, and the announced American shipments for Link were canceled due to higher-than-planned demands in Japan. So It has shown the Nintendo brand Figmas have increased in value in a matter of weeks to months.

The Max Factory Pit and Dark Pit Figmas both release in April 2013 in Japan, so pre-order yours now from your local anime store or favorite online shop before they go up in price after release.

Kid Icarus: Uprising Pit Figma -$59.99

Kid Icarus: Uprising Dark Pit Figma – $59.99

Images: Good Smile Company

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