Isaac Clark gears up for winter in this Kotobukiya Dead Space 3 statue

Isaac Clark Kotobukiya - 01

Dead Space 3 is almost upon us with a release date of February 5, 2013. Kotobukiya has teamed up with EA to give us our very own Dead Space 3 Isaac Clarke ARTFX Statue, complete with winter gear and creature-stomping action. The poor Necromorph was just trying to find someplace warm.

The statue is a Japanese import and features Isaac holding a Plasma Cutter in one hand. He comes complete with LED lights for the helmet, backpack, and glove. He’s also posable at the neck via a ball-joint. He stands at 12 ½ inches tall and retails for $139.99. Even though the game is coming out in February, the statue will be available in June of 2013. Here are some photos to hold you over.

Isaac Clark Kotobukiya - 02

Isaac Clark Kotobukiya - 03

Isaac Clark Kotobukiya - 04

Isaac Clark Kotobukiya - 05

Isaac Clark Kotobukiya - 06

Source: Kotobukiya

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