Jamie Foxx reveals Electro’s updated costume for Spider-Man 2


Sony recently confirmed that Jamie Foxx is going to play Electro in the sequel to Marc Webb’s Amazing Spider-Man. I wasn’t too excited about the news, since I always thought Electro’s backstory and outfit were lame. His original costume has him wearing a mask shaped like a starfish made of electricity, and he got his superpowers by getting struck by lightning while trying to fix a power line. It’s no surprise to find out that Marc Webb will be updating his outfit.

Jamie Foxx told Blackfilm some information on Electro’s costume change in the movie:

“It won’t be green and yellow. It will be a different color,” he said. “They [the producers] want something for the future. They want to have it more grounded and not as comic-bookie, so it won’t be green and yellow.”

Well, that’s good news to hear, since the green and yellow is very cheesy. Sometimes you want to stay true to the source material. This is the time you don’t want to do that.

“They want to try new things, like a liquid rubber and things like that, and there are all these bolts and stuff in my arms when they are hanging me upside down and trying to figure out what happened. How did he become this way? So, it will be some new stuff.”

Source: Blackfilm

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