Planetside 2 gets first major update

PS2 Update

War-based FPS game Planetside 2 has finally gotten its first major update, addressing some key areas, ignoring some others, and adding some new content at the same time. Of course, the part that people are likely going to be clamoring about the most is the fact that Flash and Sunderer vehicles now have horns to honk, so you have a new way to annoy your teammates when you’re not dropping ships on their heads and running them over with tanks.

All sarcasm aside, the update does add some new significant items to the game. Aside from a lot of bug and crash fixes, vehicles have gotten some pretty big buffs. Liberators now have their tail gun located on the back of the tail wing, rather than underneath it, to allow a better range of firing angles. Aircraft and turret resistance to several weapons have also been buffed, and aircraft in general have gotten a better array of weaponry for taking out specific targets. Rocketpods have also been adjusted so that their damage is less painful when you’re farther away from the center of the blast, while the actual radius remains unchanged.

For bases, the shields at Tech Plants are now operated by two generators in the neighboring buildings. This is to not only give the attacking faction another objective to go after, but also helps to cut down on lengthy stalemates and help to keep the flow of battle going, as these large facilities are prone to heavy standoffs where the defending side can turtle behind the shields for lengthy periods of time. Defending these generators will need to become a secondary priority for the defending side if they want to be able to keep their advantage, and their facility.

Sadly, no class balance changes are noticeable in the notes, so Heavys are still the go-to class for just about everything, and Infiltrators are still at the very bottom of the food chain. If you’re a fan of vehicles, though, then this update should leave you with a lot to be excited for. you can check out the entire list of changes at the official website.

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