First Pacific Rim trailer is finally here!

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I was one of the lucky ones at Hall H to see the first footage for Pacific Rim for the first time and after the footage was shown the entire hall was abuzz with what we just saw. You couldn’t believe how many jaw drops I saw in Hall H. I wanted to describe the footage to people, but I couldn’t. You had to be there, and describing it would’ve been a disservice.

At the time, director Guillermo del Toro told us that we would be the only ones to see this footage until December, which they would go into radio silence until then. Well today is the day when you guys get to see for yourselves the epicness that is Pacific Rim.

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Unlike the Man of Steel trailer where most of the footage came from the Comic-Con presentation, the Pacific Rim trailer is 90% new footage. Judge for yourself what you think but in my opinion, even as an Iron Man fan, this is my number one most-anticipated movie of 2013. The fact that we have giant robots vs. giant monsters – with a special cameo by GLaDOS – movie directed by monster master Guillermo del Toro is sure enough to get anyone excited. This is what a Neon Genesis Evangelion live-action movie would be if done right by Hollywood.

If there were one bad thing though about that trailer it would have to be Idris Elba’s speech near the end. He is a great actor, but the delivery of that speech made me cringe a little bit. The redeeming part is when his speech became a voiceover for the robots vs. monsters action. That made the speech just bearable enough to listen to.

Along with the new trailer, Warner Bros. graced us with a brand new poster as well. Check it out below!

Pacific Rim

UPDATED: With screenshots

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Pacific Rim blasts into theaters July 13th, 2013.

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