Megaman celebrates his 25th anniversary by taking on Street Fighter 8-bit style

Megaman has had a really rough 2012. Two Megaman games were canceled and his creator, Keiji Inafune, had left Capcom to start a new game studio that has allowed him to spread his wings in game development.

While Megaman Legends 3 and Megaman Universe won’t be happening, Capcom is releasing a new Megaman title for 2012 to celebrate his 25th anniversary called Megaman x Street Fighter. Megaman will not only face his arch rivals, but also the cast from Street Fighter.

Megaman x Street Fighter isn’t a fighting game. While Megaman (to be precise fat Megaman) took on the challengers of both Tekken and Street Fighter, this time Ryu and the rest of world warriors are taking the action to the 8-bit world, in a game style Mega Man fans are used to.

In a brand new game that seemed to be based off the Megaman 2 style, Megaman will face Street Fighter bosses at each stage, absorbs his fallen opponents’ abilities, and face all new stages that fans have never seen before. The best thing of all is that the game will be free to download directly from Capcom on your PC.

It’s great to see some Capcom show love for Megaman, as fans have been very vocal on the lack of Megaman games this year. Megaman x Street Fighter comes out in seven days.

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