Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Zan-datsu Limited Edition PS3 system coming to Japan

Japan is known for getting cool special edition consoles and handhelds with some big AAA titles. The Metal Gear Solid series is no stranger to this, since back in 2008, Metal Gear Solid 4 released a special 40GB Gunmetal Grey system.

With Revengance releasing in February, Konami will be releasing a new MGS-themed PlayStation 3 dubbed the Zan-datsu. The new PlayStation 3 slim model will be blue and black with katakana written on the top and bottom, and even the controller is set to match the console with a special design.

The console is a Japanese release only, but the PlayStation 3 is region free (except DVDs and a few Blu-rays) so you can still play games from US and Japan freely and download apps and games from the US PSN store.

But thanks to the strong yen the system isn’t cheap. At 31,960 yen (almost $400) this is for the hardcore MGS fans and collectors, which includes the game, 250 GB system and controller.

In Japan Konami has also announced three downloadable skins for Raiden for early pre-orders of the game; the White Armor, Inferno Armor from Tsutaya, and Command Armor. We can expect to see those brought over.

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