10 old video games I really miss playing

With the advancement of technology and the seemingly endless amount of data that could be stored and sent, video games of today are not like the ones we played back in the 80’s. It’s great, because now we can have super complex story lines and killer graphics that make for an incredible experience, making our fathers jealous of our boogie.

But with the rise of indie game developers creating fun and simple games on mobile platforms, it reminds us of the days of yore — when the Atari was only for the elite and fortunate. When simply clicking the space bar prompted the only action on the only weapon available during hunting time in Oregon Trail. When kids actually knew how to play Hearts.

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Here is a list of ten old video (arcade and console) games, back before rebooting a game franchise was even a thing, that I wish I could play right now, in its original state.




What games do you remember, loved, and want to play again? Reply below.

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