New trailer and poster revealed for Beautiful Creatures

With the Twilight “saga” ending this past weekend, moviegoers around the world are looking for that next big young adult franchise to go alongside The Hunger Games. Enter Beautiful Creatures, written and directed by Oscar nominee Richard LaGravenese (The Fisher King, P.S. I Love You). It’s very easy to dismiss this movie because of it’s similarities with Twilight, but with the amount of Oscar nominated talent behind the movie it’s shaping up to be something more.

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While the first trailer is reminiscent of Twilight, the new trailer is more on the level of True Blood and Harry Potter. The new trailer reveals more of the battle between the Light and Dark for the services of Lena Duchannes, a powerful up and coming Caster. While the footage does reveal a romance between the two young leads, it is the supporting cast that takes center stage in this trailer here. Lead by Academy Award winner Jeremy Irons and Academy Award nominee Emma Thompson, it will be the cast of supporting actors and actresses that will help set the movie apart from other young adult movies. Judging from the trailer, the acting for the most part is good. The only weak points I can see come from Emmy Rossum and Emma Thompson, as they can at some point seem to be “over-acting”. To me the best acting came from Jeremy Irons, which is important as he is the man who is leading the charge in preventing Lena from joining the Dark. He delivered his lines with purpose and meaning, something which is needed in a character such as this.

There will be an audience from the many fans of the book that will be compelled to watch the movie. Add that with the movie coming to theaters the day before Valentine’s Day, the movie is bound to clean up at the box office. Combine that with the amount of talent involved with the movie, Beautiful Creatures is shaping up to be something much more than what Twilight ever wanted to be, a good movie.


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