Ang Lee reveals why his Hulk was a failure

Many Hulk fans were very disappointed with Ang Lee’s take on the Hulk movie. In a recent interview where he’s promoting his new movie, Life of Pi, a Hulk question came up. Ang Lee talks about why he thinks his Hulk film wasn’t met with favorable reactions.

“I learned quite a bit about CG from The Hulk, and I wouldn’t have been able to do Life of Pi without that,” Lee says. “But it’s easier to create an animal, because there exists a good reference—so a tiger or a hyena is easier than a 2,000-pound rage monster. The hardest thing to do is the weight, not the skin, because there’s no reference for something that size that is agile. And the technology’s improved, so you can have more details with Mark’s Hulk. My problem is that I took the whole thing too seriously. I should have had more fun with it, instead of all the psychodrama! [Laughs.]”

My problem with the movie are the Hulk dogs and a daddy villain with weird absorbing powers. That and I didn’t care for the story.

Source: Vulture

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