NR Contest: Amazing Spider-Man Prize Pack Bonanza winners announced

The responses for our Spider-Man Bonanaza contest have been great. We’ve also received the highest amount of entries so far this year. I feel like doing a mini-celebration by riding an invisible horse. Because we have so many great answers, it’s going to be tough for me to choose the winners. Sadly, I can only choose two.

From reading all the comments, you guys really love your Venom and Carnage. Other favorites include Elektro. But before I announce the winners, I want to give each villain their own spotlight with the best responses for each.


Jacob Sturges
“I personally would love to see Kingpin as a major villain. He can have his empire of money, showing how he can pay people under the table to take care of what he wants, and it would be just great if Spider-Man didn’t even know who his enemy was, and then if the final hour of the film, it turns out it’s the wealthy and respected business man, Wilson Fisk. If Stark and Wayne have proved anything, it’s that money is a superpower, and him controlling the streets of New York , and possibly hiring a few supervillains here and there, such as Shocker, or Chameleon, to mess with Spider-Man, Peter Parker, or worse yet, Aunt May and Gwen Stacy, it would definitely prove to be a film I would love, and a unique-styled comic book movie.”

Black Cat

Dacey Booker
Black Cat. We’ve never seen Spider-Man fight one of his female enemies before. Plus she’s a morally complex character, following in the footsteps of her father who is in prison but still being an “anti-hero” from time to time.


Gary Woods
“I’d like to see Mysterio as the villain sometime in this run. We’ve seen Peter Parker prove his salt physically against The Lizard, and defeat him on an intellectual level. Let’s see how he does against the master illusionist and see if he can trust his mind over his eyes.”


Bill Norris
“the rhino…. he’ll just tear the heck outta the town with Spidey attached by a web string to his back just being dragged everywhere”

Alistair Smythe’s Spider Slayers

Josh Patterson
“The Spider Slayers . no crime /world domination motive. Just a desire to kill spider-man. How cool would that be. There robots witch = epic fun . Besides he could kill all of them in the crazy way ever. Without getting pushed into rated R . Because they are robots.”

Kraven the Hunter

James Campbell
“Kraven the Hunter because it would turn the tables on Spiderman and the movies so far. Spiderman having to look over his shoulder constantly would put a spin on his crime fighting activities.”

Tobey Maguire

Ronald Oliver
“I want Tobey Maguire (the former Peter Parker and Spider-Man) to be the next villian in The Amazing Spider-Man 2! Because I would love to see him duke it out (in character as his former Peter Parker and Spider-Man self) with the new incarnation of Peter Parker and Spider-Man! I think that there would be a lot of web-slingin’ goin’ on! And so, may the best Spider-Man win!!!”


Matt O.
“Kinda obscure Spidey villain but one of my favorites from reading the series back in the day as a kid: The Chameleon. He was playing all kinds of tricks with his disguises. I doubt he would make the sequel based on the fact that he wasn’t one of his iconic adversaries, but I always liked his character and his gimmick.”

Green Goblin

Michael Jean-Francois
“Green goblin. I know many will say him, so here’s my reason. The 1st Movie did great w/ the emotional ties toward Peter and friends. Uncle Ben’s death was felt. So was that sad moment w/ Flash. Not to mention the action. The Green Goblin does all that. Osbornes relation w/ harry and Peter. And the fact that when G.G learns Spideys identity, he first toys w/ Peter life, then spidey! Not to mention the awfulness of Gwens death at the hands of Spidey by accident, and the fact G.G uses that to torture Spidey. Peter Parker/ Spiderman is a Greek tragedy. He can’t be happy, he’ll be broke, loses love ones, gets grounded, has a curfew….. yet he continues to fights for good.”


“Spiderman must battle venom in the new flick. Out of all of the villains in the spiderman universe venom is by far the most interesting. Im not saying this on a whim but on story line. A misunderstood villain/hero on his own, the venom saga would lead to so many different story lines within the spiderman universe. First you would have the black symbiote suit spidey must have that he then gets rid of to brock (unless you go by the comic in which spidey gets the suit from the intergalactic battles), then Brock becomes venom, then imagine at the end of the movie Cletus Cassidy gets the symbiote and becomes carnage, and like that the trilogy writes itself, and with carnage as the villain in the third movie venom and spidey must team up to defeat carnage, and lets face it, what spiderman fan would not absolutely love to see spidey and venom take on carnage. It would be the ultimate ending to a trilogy!”

Nicole Bouchard
“Definately would be sweet to see Venom because he is an alien, he is gooey, and Eddie Brock is HOT But i mostly like the gooey part <3 <3 <3 lol”


Sheena McNutt
“Carnage would be so awesome. First, you can’t have Carnage without Venom…both for backstory and for integrity (and we all know Venom rocks). Carnage is psychotic, deranged, and well, bad-ass. Second, with Carnage, you have to explore the dark side of comics (or film in this instance). Third, he’s so much tougher than Spider-Man that Spider-Man *has* to team up with Venom to get rid of him. Venom is that character that everyone loves to hate, so we no longer have a true good vs. evil plotline, and movies should, at least occasionally, screw with people’s moral compasses like that.”

Venom and Carnage

Stephen N
“Without a doubt I want to see CARNAGE!! Oh and Venom! Can you image the badassness oozing from the big screen with Carnage, Venom and Spider-Man fighting it up!?”

Adrian Mendoza
“Carnage and Venom!! Why? They’re just f-ing bada**!! I want to see how they’d be portrayed in the film (although we’ve seen Venom, we’ve yet to see Carnage.) Would probably have to be Rated R though… so that’s a no-go… maybe.”

Femme Fatales

Daniel Dodge
“I would LOVE to see him fight the Femme Fatales.Reason why? The last/only female “villain” I’ve seen Marvel use in a movie was Deathstrike, and besides her being hot, I was not impressed.

With them portraying Parker as a High School student, it would be VERY easy for them to have some sort of popular female clique in the school as being secretly a group of powered baddies of some sort. Honestly, I can imagine Marvel doing this, too.

For those who have no idea who the Femme Fateles are, refer to The Amazing Spider-man #340″


Jerry Whitworth
“Electro because he’s one of the more known villains that hasn’t transitioned to the films yet and, after so many sympathetic villains, it would be nice to just have a dumb powerhouse fight Webhead.”

Sinister Six

“The Sinister Six! It’s probably too early in this current franchise for Spider-man to be taking on six of the most menacing villains in his rogue gallery… but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be awesome for us hardcore fans out there to see our friendly neighborhood Spidey take on Doc Oc, Electro, Sandman and any of the various members in the number of the incarnations of this group of supervillains. Why limit ourselves to just one? :)”


Scott S
“Hobgoblin because he’s everything the Green Goblin should have been.”


James Robbins Scott S
“even better…the Demogoblin…all the badassery of GG w/ added demonic powers.”


Jason Foerster
“It is Proto-Goblin because Norman Osborne’s assistant didn’t get killed by the lizard, so he still had the doctors regeneration serum, and Norman Osborne wouldn’t take the serum without testing it. So they test it on an Oscorp Employee i.e. Nels Van Adder. this could tie George Stacy’s past into it as well giving Gwen more of a prominent role because George Stacy investigated Nels Van Adder in the comics. Also there were a lot of rumors that the first reboot villain would be Proto-Goblin, so maybe those rumors were not untrue, just untimely. It would make sense that it’s Proto-Goblin because in the credits teaser, the shadowy figure knew about Parker, and Nels Van Adder worked at Oscorp. Since Nels Van Adder grows to hate Osborne for what he did, maybe he believes Parker can lead him to Osborne. This could also bridge into Norman Osborne becoming the Green Goblin and the death of Gwen Stacy for the third movie.”


Derek Farris
“morbius the living vampire should be the next logical step, they are already on the gene splicing subject morbius would be a perfect next step”


“I would’ve loved to have seen Spidey fight The Vulture. Before the studio suits messed up Spider-man 3, Raimi had the Vulture as the bad guy. John Malkovich was lined up to play him which would’ve been some cool casting. I think he would be an interesting villain to fight against, because it would be fun to see some elderly guy with wings kicking Spider-man’s ass.”


And the winners are…

Jacob Sturges for his Kingpin entry and t-chamb for his Venom entry. Jacob will be winning the 1st grand prize, and t-chamb will be winning the Gift Set.

Please send me an email within one from today. You can look for it on the “About” page.

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