Review: Diamond GC1000 HD Game Capture

Hot diggity damn! Today, we review a new video capture box. The Diamond 1080 HD Game Capture box is a new product from Diamond Multimedia. The 1080 HD Game Capture allows you to capture your console game footage straight to your PC. The box comes with inputs for HDMI, Component Cables, S-Video, Composite and Audio Cables. Video captured by the HD Game Capture comes in a “.ts” file form. You do not have the option of changing the file format. It’s a relativity uncommon file format so you will need to

Using the recording settings you can adjust video quality between Low, Normal and High. The HD Game Capture box records at 1080i and 720p. You can adjust the frame rate of the videos from 60 to 30 fps. You can also re-size video from widescreen to 4:3 and take snapshot during a live recording as well as provide live commentary.

The box comes with capturing software. The program allows you to records live video as well as set scheduled recording times, and you can use the HD Game Capture as a DVR to record live TV programming from you Cable Box. You can even record video from a DVD and VHS players as well as camcorders. PS3 owners will have a problem recording gameplay footage using HDMI. This is to the fault of the PS3’s HDCP protection and it has become a reoccurring problem with Capture Boxes.

For the most part the Diamond HD Game Capture box records video pretty well. There were only a few instances where I found dropped frames in my test footage. The capturing program itself has a nice feature where you can capture in full screen viewing. The toolbar for the app will automatically disappear when the mouse cursor is not over the toolbar. The interface for DMcap is so far the sleekest interface I have seen for video capturing.

Also included in the HD Game Capture bundle is a video editing program. The Cyberlink Power Director 8 is a mid-level editing program for videos. It’s a good program for beginners and there are a few features that will appease those with some video editing knowledge. Using the program you can easily with the click of a button load your video to Facebook or YouTube.

All in all the Diamond GC1000 1080 HD Game Capture is a pretty good product. The DVR capability is a nice touch, but I’d much rather have a live streaming feature seen on the Roxio HD Game Capture.  It is solid when it comes to video capturing. Choosing if it is worth purchases is entirely up to the person. Are you looking for something to capture you video game footage and record your favorite shows? If so, then the GC1000 is for you.

Grade: B

You can find out about the Diamond GC1000 1080 HD Game Capture at

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