‘Ingress’ will glue you to your Android even more!

Your city statues, more than meets the eye!

It seems that Google has done it again. Rather than to let me get on with my day, it has created an augmented reality game, Ingress, that uses your Android OS phone to turn everything that surrounds you into a game.

Throughout your city there will be portals (such as famous landmarks, sculptures, etc) “emitting” special energy that affect the way we think. By using your phone’s camera and mapping capabilities, you’ll have to find these portals and “hack” them. By linking up with other players you can create energy strongholds which make it harder for the opposition to hack. You’ll have to play ball for either the ‘Enlightened’, who would harness this power to influence others (Assassin’s Creed, anyone?), or the “Resistance”, who strive to preserve our free thinking ways. Will you be humanity’s saviour? Or will you force others to do your laundry?

Now would be a good time to call in a favour with your buddies at Google as the game is currently in a closed beta stage. That is a positive thing, seeing as global productivity will surely drop off the face of the earth as soon as the game is released.

Alternatively you can check out the cool trailer below and visit www.Ingress.com or www.nianticproject.com to ask for your beta key!


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