A sad day in snacking – Hostess is closed

There was a memorable episode of Family Guy Season 2 where the Y2K virus left the world in ruins. Peter takes the family out of Quahog and on an adventure to find the Twinkie factory in Natick, Massachusetts, after hearing that Twinkies were a food source that could last almost forever. It made you think that with a snack that could almost last forever and is a convenient food source gamers during a game session, it would be around for a very long time.

Well it’s been about 12 years since that episode, and while the end of the world wasn’t caused by the Y2K virus, the company that made Twinkies, “Hostess, is officially closed. Their full line of snacks that includes Twinkies, Cupcakes, Ding Dongs, Sno Balls and Ho Hos are already out of production.

Oh how I enjoyed buying a two pack of Cupcakes after school and eating all the chocolate parts first as a kid. I would then finish the top part and cream last (yes, sounds perverted, but it was fun doing it that way). I would also enjoy just gobbling down a few Twinkies out of the box.

It’s amazing how a company that has been around since the 1930s spent 80+ years putting a smile on many people’s faces can go under, but the company has had trouble since last year when it filed chapter 11 bankruptcy. The final straw was a worker walk out, which caused the company to officially close its doors. The worst part is 18,500 employees are out of a job because of all this while the companies assets are being sold.

Well it’s everyone’s last chance to enjoy it for the last time, since the factories are closed and the last shipment has been sent out. Your local market or mom and pop shop are the final Hostess snacks you will ever have. As for me, I’m going to go buy a few boxes to preserve my childhood memories.

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