Wii U will be in short supply

With the holiday season approaching and the new consoles starting to get released, Nintendo takes the first shot in the next generation console wars with the Wii U. And it looks like if you have not reserved your copy of the Wii U and want to wait until release day to purchase it, you will need to wait longer. The Wii U, like most consoles or games that is released during the holidays, will be in short supply.

According to the Washington Post, there may be a 6-month sell out before more start reaching stores. This is due to the fact that Nintendo began production “this summer”, according to the Nintendo website.

President Satoru Iwata says:

It has now become more likely that it is our production capacity, rather than consumer demand, that will place limits on our Wii U prospects for this calendar year.

People will have to go to different venues to buy the Wii U. Third party locations like Ebay and Craigslist will see a mass selling of Wii U consoles. So if you were not prepared and did not pre-order the console beforehand, you may be out of luck and will likely have to buy from other stores.

So to all those going out to buy the Wii U, or at least try to, good luck and God speed.

Source: Washington Post

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