Why I’m excited to see Life of Pi

I remember when I saw the teaser for this film earlier this year, it was different than anything I had seen and piqued my interest. For a while it’s been flying under the radar, with not very many people talking about it. I recently caught the full length trailer again and it reminded me of what good film making is all about. It truly does mirror art as opposed to just a standard movie and has a sense of culture that many other films don’t. Not to mention that having Ang Lee as director doesn’t hurt either.

The story itself has a sort of Castaway feel to it. It’s based on the novel written by Yann Martel about a boy who gets stranded on a lifeboat in the Pacific Ocean after a shipwreck. He’s also accompanied by a Bengal tiger as well. It seems that the film will be carrying many different philosophical and spiritual undertones as well. The movie itself looks visually stunning in an Avatar-esque sort of sense. Check out the trailer below if you don’t believe me.

Another thing that makes this film stick out to me, is that Ang Lee opted on utilizing a fully international cast. I think that might help bring a different feel to the movie in a good way. I know this winter, everyone is eagerly anticipating the arrival of The Hobbit, I know I am. But if you get a chance and want something to tide you over til then, check out Life of Pi. I doubt you’ll be disappointed.

Check out some screenshots below the trailer courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox.

Life of Pi hits theaters on November 20th.

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