I feel a disturbance in the Force: How MUCH Star Wars are we REALLY getting?

A news article that was released in Entertainment Weekly this week states not only are we getting a new trilogy with a new film every other year…but DISNEY plans on making 2-3 Star Wars films PER YEAR! That’s a lot of lightsaber duels!

I’ll be honest. I’m all for more Star Wars than you can shake a Wookie at, but 2-3 films per year? Sounds a bit much don’t you think? Of course, this could all turn out very well. Marvel is a perfect example of a movie studio who focuses on one universe full of enticing and wonderful characters and putting out 1-2 movies per year leading up to bigger films like the Avengers. So yea, we’ll get our Episodes VII, VII and IX with a possibility of other films bridging gaps or introducing new characters and new adventures. Sounds like we’re getting a pretty good deal right? I mean, DISNEY doesn’t exactly make bad films. Let us not forget Pirates of the Caribbean, The Avengers (they did acquire Marvel before the film began shooting after all) and the upcoming Lone Ranger looks pretty exciting!

So why am I skeptical? Three Words: The Ewoks Films.

Not exactly the best of the Star Wars Universe in my opinion…at least until Jar-Jar reared his ugly head. Of course, I could be completely wrong and these new films could be focused on characters such as Boba-Fett, How Han won the Millenium Falcon from Lando, and even a visit to the Old Republic itself! Heck, we may even get a live-action Force Unleashed film! I’d buy THAT for 50 credits!

There is just…one other…tiny little detail. A rumor is going around, and yes, it is at this point just a rumor so take this with a grain of salt, but DISNEY may be planning on ressurecting the Dark Lord himself in Episode VII. This comes from a rumor from The Express through an anonymous insider, and we haven’t heard anything at all from DISNEY about this but think about it…Darth Vader is essentially the core of Star Wars. He is what people think of immediately when Star Wars is mentioned. And DISNEY isn’t keen on losing any money on this deal by keep the most popular character on ice. Of course, the fan-uprising that will occur, which will essentially make Return of the Jedi’s ending pointless, is inevitable IF this is true. I guess we’ll have to wait until 2015 to find out!

So, with the news of more Star Wars, and the¬†possibility of one of cinemas greatest villains returning to the big screen,¬†I’m more excited than Jabba at an all-you-can-eat buffet! How about you?

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