Teaser for space found-footage horror film Europa Report

A new teaser popped up today on the web for a film with a brand new take on the whole found-footage horror genre, The Europa Report.  Europa Report stars District 9′s Sharlto Copley and is a film about six astronauts who venture to the fourth moon of Jupiter in search of other life in the universe. No, this is not Prometheus, and no, this is not Apollo 18.

EUROPA REPORT is directed by the relativity unknown director, Sebastián Cordero. The film has already wrapped up filming and is currently in the post-production. Being a fan of the found-footage genre and someone that was originally hyped for Apollo 18, I hope this film can pull off the whole space exploration found-footage horror angle.

No release date is set for the film, but you can check out their official website over at EuropaAdventureLLC.com.

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