10-Year Anniversary Xbox 360

For all you XBOX loyalists, get ready to drool! Today, Director of Xbox programming Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb posted an image of this console on his Twitter account. This ten-year edition console will be given away for FREE to long-time XBL users. The console comes in a special color scheme with matching controller. On the side of the console the logo reads, “XBOX LIVE A DECADE OF ENTERTAINMENT” and on the disc tray door it reads, “XBL10”. So if you’ve been with XBOX Live since 2002, maybe you’ll be lucky and receive one in the mail. Hryb also stated that he would have some information so you could win one of these anniversary editions later in the week.

I don’t own an XBOX, but that console looks pretty sweet to me.

Source: Engadget, Twitter

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