NR Contest – The Regular Show: The Best DVD in the World winners announced!

The Regular Show recently had a new DVD, The Best DVD in the World, released this week. Nerd Reactor  held a contest to celebrate the release with the help from Cartoon Network. There were a lot of funny entries, but ultimately, I can choose only three winners. If you guys haven’t yet, hop on over to our Amazing Spider-Man contest and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure/The Watch contest to enter those as well.

But first, here are the runner-ups who I thought deserved a spotlight.

Tara Funair

Invisibility, so when my kids annoy me, they can’t find me to tattle on each other!


I would ask the dark lord Cthulu to grant me the ability to know exactly how many jelly beans are in a case so I can win that $25 gift certificate to Best Buy!

Michael Jean-Francois

I’d ask for The GOD of Orgasm and Ejaculation to grant me the ability to give and cause it by thought, for whatever length of time. This power could and will be used for good and evil. I can “borrow” from Armored trucks as the guards are rolling on the floor incapacitated in bliss. I would go to the Republican convention, and topple the party by giving all the obviously unsatisfied wives MASSIVE multiple orgasms…. And at the end, over the P.A. they’d hear. “I’m Barack Obama, and I approve this message.”

The Miami Heat and Dolphins would be UNSTOPPABLE! “Kobe goes for the lay-up…. And he drops the ball… Literally.”

I’d wait for hip hop rappers, gangsters or tough guys to give each other hugs and mid embrace, BOOM!

And to my enemies, or anyone in charge of contests. I’d force them to watch their mom, grandma, aunt, etc. Have the the BEST and LONGEST orgasm of their lives. And just when you think it can’t get any worst…. You’ll have one too, along side them.

Richard Kenneth

I would go to the the Great Contestant God and humbly ask to gain the power to win any contest ever. Ooohhhhhh!!!

And here are the three winners!

Katelyn Adams

I’d ask the god of tv to give me the power to be able to stop, pause, rewind, and fastforward real life. Like People. I wouldnt have to wait in lines long, I could get perfects on test, do over things that dont go good, and relieve defining moments in my life….and also all the good times. Perhaps a shuttle buttom would be good and you just got to love the “CONTROL” to. MWAHAHAHAHAHA

Here’s a sad, but funny entry.

Bill Norris

i would ask the god of love for any help possible….damn now ive gone and depressed myself

Matt Oh

Definitely the God of Epic Mustaches. I was cursed with a complete lack of facial hair, and I’ve always wanted a crazy Tom-Selleck-In-Magnum-PI type mustache so I can rock colorful Hawaiian shirts and look cool in a convertible. I’d eventually let that mustache grow into an epic beard so I could go hide out in the mountains and look like a crazy mountain man who’s lived among bears for a long time.

If you’re the winners, contact me ASAP. If not, your prizes will be forfeit to another next week.

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