NR Contest: The Amazing Spider-Man Prize Pack Bonanza!

We’re throwing a big Spider-Man contest in conjunction with the release of The Amazing Spider-Man on Blu-ray and DVD tomorrow (available on Amazon). We’ll be having some awesome prizes, courtesy of Sony, for two winners.

Grand Prize:
1 Blu-ray/DVD combo pack
1 poster w/ certificate of authenticity
1 ASM Comic signed by Stan Lee
1 T-shirt
1 exclusive gaming code

Second Grand Prize:
1 Blu-ray/DVD combo gift set (includes Blu-ray 3D, 2 Disc Blu-ray, DVD and Spider-Man and Lizard figure).

Here’s how to enter. Just comment below on what villain you want in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and why.

Contest ends Thursday on November 15, 2012, at 11:50pm PST. U.S. residence only. No P.O. box. Winners will be announced the day after, and winners must contact me to receive prize. If not, prize will be forfeit to another a week after.

From around the web:
  • Matt

    Mysterio would be a great villain. It holds basis in reality too.

  • Scott Burkle

    Mysterio would be cool!

  • Dacey Booker

    Black Cat. We’ve never seen Spider-Man fight one of his female enemies before. Plus she’s a morally complex character, following in the footsteps of her father who is in prison but still being an “anti-hero” from time to time.

  • Paul Martin

    THE KINGPIN. Look, the Kingpin is the Boss! It would definitely be nostalgic bliss, taking me back to the Spider Man Animated Series. Synopsis: Kingpin tries to take on spiderman himself…fails…then commissions Rhino. Brains meets brawn! (*Can we say it all together? MASTER BLASTER SYNDROME.) Kingpin would be played by James Gandolfini & Rhino by CGI artists

  • Gary Woods

    I’d like to see Mysterio as the villain sometime in this run. We’ve seen Peter Parker prove his salt physically against The Lizard, and defeat him on an intellectual level. Let’s see how he does against the master illusionist and see if he can trust his mind over his eyes.

  • bill norris

    the rhino…. he’ll just tear the heck outta the town with Spidey attached by a web string to his back just being dragged everywhere

  • Phillip M Lopez

    Alistair Smythe

    Spider slayers were awesome, and always got the best of Spidey with their upgrades. Just imagine a huge (Megatron-like) CGI Spider Robot chasing him around NYC.

  • James Campbell

    Kraven the Hunter because it would turn the tables on Spiderman and the movies so far. Spiderman having to look over his shoulder constantly would put a spin on his crime fighting activities.

  • Ronald Oliver

    I want Tobey Maguire (the former Peter Parker and Spider-Man) to be the next villian in The Amazing Spider-Man 2! Because I would love to see him duke it out (in character as his former Peter Parker and Spider-Man self) with the new incarnation of Peter Parker and Spider-Man! I think that there would be a lot of web-slinging goin’ on!

    Ronald Oliver
    oliverspendulum (at) yahoo (dot) com

  • Matt O.

    Kinda obscure Spidey villain but one of my favorites from reading the series back in the day as a kid: The Chameleon. He was playing all kinds of tricks with his disguises. I doubt he would make the sequel based on the fact that he wasn’t one of his iconic adversaries, but I always liked his character and his gimmick.

  • Jacob Sturges

    I personally would love to see Kingpin as a major villain. He can have his empire of money, showing how he can pay people under the table to take care of what he wants, and it would be just great if Spider-Man didn’t even know who his enemy was, and then if the final hour of the film, it turns out it’s the wealthy and respected business man, Wilson Fisk. If Stark and Wayne have proved anything, it’s that money is a superpower, and him controlling the streets of New York , and possibly hiring a few supervillains here and there, such as Shocker, or Chameleon, to mess with Spider-Man, Peter Parker, or worse yet, Aunt May and Gwen Stacy, it would definitely prove to be a film I would love, and a unique-styled comic book movie.

  • Nicholas James Mason

    The Green Goblin. They could introduce Mary Jane and kill off Gwen Stacy.

  • Eric Morris

    I would love to see venom in the new spiderman reboot. He is honestly the biggest best and most well known spiderman villain and he deserves his own epic movie. Not to mention I see the spiderman reboot as a more darker side to Peter Parker and it would fit venom much better. Also Eric foreman was a terrible venom haha. Go spidey!!!

  • Daniel DiCarlo

    Considering this series is more sticking with the comic line, the green goblin. I would love to see the death of gwen stacey storyline as it was one the first controversial and dramatic stories in the Spiderman series that haunts Spidey. Venom would also be awesome since such injustice was done to him in that travesty that was spiderman 3 I mean for him to have such a little bit part when he’s perhaps Spiderman’s greatest villain was just horrible, but that revamp shouldn’t come til later and should be its own movie… actually the original Secret Wars from the 80s where the venom symbiote originates would be an amazing movie in its self, granted would probably never happen.

  • connor2k

    I would love to see Venom

  • Steve

    I would like to see the Chameleon .it will be a good way of throwing Spider man in to the world of Avenger .They can Also do more with this parents back Story for his.also a more Catch me if you can movie .

  • Daniel Dodge

    I would LOVE to see him fight the Femme Fatales.Reason why? The last/only female “villain” I’ve seen Marvel use in a movie was Deathstrike, and besides her being hot, I was not impressed.

    With them portraying Parker as a High School student, it would be VERY easy for them to have some sort of popular female clique in the school as being secretly a group of powered baddies of some sort. Honestly, I can imagine Marvel doing this, too.

    For those who have no idea who the Femme Fateles are, refer to The Amazing Spider-man #340

  • Peeete

    The Sinister Six! It’s probably too early in this current franchise for Spider-man to be taking on six of the most menacing villains in his rogue gallery… but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be awesome for us hardcore fans out there to see our friendly neighborhood Spidey take on Doc Oc, Electro, Sandman and any of the various members in the number of the incarnations of this group of supervillains. Why limit ourselves to just one? :)

  • Billy Boyd

    Mysterio would be awesome on film!! I would LOVE to see him be the next villain.

  • Raghu Seetharaman

    I would definitely like to see Electro (Maxwell Dillon) as the new villain in the amazing spiderman sequel. It would be great to see him affiliated at Oscorp as an Electrical Engineer/lineman and while he is repairing a powerline in Oscorp he has freak lighting accident which would cause a mutagnetic change that would transform him into a human electric capacitor.

  • Isaac

    I’d say that one of the best candidates is the Kingpin. He is a crime boss, so that would fit in with the reboot’s rooted-in-reality feel, but oh what fun the filmmakers could have with him! If not Kingpin, definitely the Shocker! He is a physical threat to Spider-Man with his gloves, and would be visually interesting.

  • Amber Barnes

    I’d like to see venom, he was by far my favorite villain! I’d love to see what they’d do with him on the big screen!

  • Josh Patterson

    The Spider Slayers . no crime /Dworld dominationt motive. Just a desire to kill spider-man. How cool would that be. Besides there robots witch = epic fun .

  • Jerry Whitworth

    Electro because he’s one of the more known villains that hasn’t transitioned to the films yet and, after so many sympathetic villains, it would be nice to just have a dumb powerhouse fight Webhead.

  • Sheldon Pfeifer

    I would want to see Mysterio hes probably my favorite Spiderman villain! I think he’s loaded with potential as a big screen nemesis.

  • Stephen N.

    Without a doubt I want to see CARNAGE!! Oh and Venom! Can you image the badassness oozing from the big screen with Carnage, Venom and Spider-Man fighting it up!?

  • Susa

    I would like to see Venom properly done. Doc Ock was played really well by Alfred Molina, so we should just take that out of the running now.

  • Matthew Stephens

    I would love to see electro on the big screen. The story for the character could be well written. And if they utilized George Lucas’s Industrial Light and Magic, they could pull off some amazing effects with the electricity.
    What is more important though is not losing focus with all the special effects. When that happens, the story suffers. So Electro would be my choice, but a good director is always necessary to keep the actors focused.

    I want to see The Amazing Spiderman badly.

  • NotEd

    Gotta go with Mysterio over here, despite my first thought to vote for the Vulture.
    Please keep Venom out of it unless you plan on actually setting the character up properly.

  • Manuel Granillo

    Shocker and the Rhino. How amazing would it be see the spectacular Spider-Man take on a foe that could flatten cars and make new doors in building just by running into them, and to have worry about dodging bolts of lightning/electricity while swinging from building to building? I know that’s more than one villain, but that would only make it more intense and interesting.

    • austin shepard

      well the shocker dosent take a break so that would make spidey ONLY running for like the whole movie while rino stays on the floor (ground level)

  • Manuel Granillo

    Actually better yet, I would love to see Spider-Man take on Dr. Morbius and Man-Wolf. Both are misunderstood monsters and their story lines can easily intertwine which can lead spider-man into a big epic battle against the both of them, or at least convert them to good guys so that they can be used again in later story arcs. Also I can imagine how many Twilight jokes Spider-Man would be able to crack while decking it out with them.

  • Toddus

    Carnage for sure. He hasn’t been done in any of the recent Spider-man films and needs to be represented properly in a movie. Venom is a close, close second. He man an appearance in Spider-man 3 but didn’t get NEARLY as much time/recognition as he needs.

    • Toddus

      *He MADE an appearance…

  • Scott S

    Hobgoblin because he’s everything the Green Goblin should have been.

    • James Robbins

      even better…the Demogoblin…all the badassery of GG w/ added demonic powers.

  • Aaron Hinds


  • Angie Walker

    I’d pick Mysterio.

  • Allan

    They’d have to change his costume, but I’ve always liked Kraven the Hunter. He’s be great for The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

  • t-chamb

    Spiderman must battle venom in the new flick. Out of all of the villains in the spiderman universe venom is by far the most interesting. Im not saying this on a whim but on story line. A misunderstood villain/hero on his own, the venom saga would lead to so many different story lines within the spiderman universe. First you would have the black symbiote suit spidey must have that he then gets rid of to brock (unless you go by the comic in which spidey gets the suit from the intergalactic battles), then Brock becomes venom, then imagine at the end of the movie Cletus Cassidy gets the symbiote and becomes carnage, and like that the trilogy writes itself, and with carnage as the villain in the third movie venom and spidey must team up to defeat carnage, and lets face it, what spiderman fan would not absolutely love to see spidey and venom take on carnage. It would be the ultimate ending to a trilogy!

    • Ray lo

      This has to be the best idea I seen yet ! I really hope this idea is used is makes perfect sense !

    • austin shepard

      well venom isn’t the strongest but i do share you love for venom. But did you know that Carnage is venom’s cousin & he is stronger too!

      • James Robbins

        Yes he is! the symbiote “learns” from each host that’s how it’s able to circumvent the SpideySense for Venom making him that much MORE dangerous.

  • Lee Wooten

    I would like to see the character that they have already chosen for the main villain in the sequel to the amazing spider-man, Electro. Because he has never been introduced in a live action movie, and it will be very cool to see how spider-man goes up against a man who is almost entirely made up of electricity and who can move as fast as lightning itself.

  • Leanne V

    Um, probably Scarecrow, I guess.

    valeriano (dot) leanne (at) yahoo (dot) com

    • Josh Bro

      The Scarecrow is Batman hun!

      • Leanne V

        Untold Tales of Spider-Man “Night of the Scarecrow,” hun.

  • android

    It has to be Venom.He(or they)is the perfect anti-hero to Spiderman. The good vs. evil.Not to mention the last filmmakers absolutely ruined him.Venom is a beast,he does not swing around making cat noises,and Eddie Brock deserves to be someone more threatening than a sarcastic 70’s show nerd. This new movie is what the spiderman movies should have been.Dark knight did joker right,now we need a ledger venom to get the Nicholson venom taste out of our mouths.It has to happen…praise Stan.

  • Ray lo

    Carnage and venom !!! Please do that ! Or just just one of them but I much rather see carnage cause it hasn’t been done yet at all let alone even been talked about , this maybe be my opinion but I feel carnage has to be almost everyone’s favorite villain besides alongside venom imagine how much of a hit the movie would be . It would be an instant classic and with the new people doing that are doing Spider-Man now I could imagine how cool he would look on screen , with that said please make it happen it’s all I wanted to happen since the first installment of Spider-Man came out ! I would be able to die happy lol

  • Michelle Rogers

    I i’d like to see Electro because I think visually it would be fantastic. I’d love to see the electrical elements of Electo on display.

  • Dale

    Venom or Carnage without a doubt. Venom never got the proper coverage in the third film and an appearance by Carnage would make things even better.

  • April Brenay

    Venom! He needs a good story line and he is pure evil!

    ssgsweeps @ hotmail .com

  • Josh Bro

    Kraven the Hunter or The Chameleon because I remember in the cartoon the late 90’s they were always there. They were also very cool enemies, one being a renowned hunter wanting to defeat spider-man as his greatest hunt and the other being Spider-Man’s original super villain who, kind of, reminds me of Hugo Strange from Batman because his main goal is to try to reveal who the hero is, and succeeds. Either would be a very interesting story with many twist if you ask me. More towards The Chameleon though.

  • derek farris

    morbius the living vampire should be the next logical step, they are already on the gene splicing subject morbius would be a perfect next step

  • Monique Rizzo
  • austin shepard

    I would literally die for one of the prizes but for the next amazing spiderman movie i would have to say that the best character would be carnage because he is one of the greatest villains bringing all of the other villins down to like duct in the wind carnage’s own’s all other enemy’s plus he is like venom’s opposite so they can also bring venom in on the next movie and then like spiderman would have to team with venom to defeat carnage Just like the comic book

  • kyl neusch

    Mysterio cause he is awesome!!

  • Jim

    Scorpion & rhino or electro & green goblin

  • Johans Dhuka

    Electro because what Sony can do with its movi magic on a character like Electro will most definetley be amazing!

  • Johans Dhuka

    Electro because what Sony can do with its movie magic on a character like Electro will most definetley be amazing!

  • bones

    Shocker and vulture good combination

  • Ed Pogue

    Kraven the hunter! I would love to see him in a live action setting within the new world or Spider-Man

  • Jason Foerster

    It is Proto-Goblin because Norman Osborne’s assistant didn’t get killed by the lizard, so he still had the doctors regeneration serum, and Norman Osborne wouldn’t take the serum without testing it. So they test it on an Oscorp Employee i.e. Nels Van Adder. this could tie George Stacy’s past into it as well giving Gwen more of a prominent role because George Stacy investigated Nels Van Adder in the comics. Also there were a lot of rumors that the first reboot villain would be Proto-Goblin, so maybe those rumors were not untrue, just untimely. It would make sense that it’s Proto-Goblin because in the credits teaser, the shadowy figure knew about Parker, and Nels Van Adder worked at Oscorp. Since Nels Van Adder grows to hate Osborne for what he did, maybe he believes Parker can lead him to Osborne. This could also bridge into Norman Osborne becoming the Green Goblin and the death of Gwen Stacy for the third movie.

  • Michael Jean-Francois

    Green goblin. I know many will say him, so here’s my reason. The 1st Movie did great w/ the emotional ties toward Peter and friends. Uncle Ben’s death was felt. So was that sad moment w/ Flash. Not to mention the action. The Green Goblin does all that. Osbornes relation w/ harry and Peter. And the fact that when G.G learns Spideys identity, he first toys w/ Peter life, then spidey! Not to mention the awfulness of Gwens death at the hands of Spidey by accident, and the fact G.G uses that to torture Spidey. Peter Parker/ Spiderman is a Greek tragedy. He can’t be happy, he’ll be broke, loses love ones, gets grounded, has a curfew….. yet he continues to fights for good.

  • Chipcity

    Cyclone and Mr. Negative. The prologue can be a brief explanation of cyclones back story. Javier Bardem would be awesome to play him. And I just want to see Mr. Negative on screen so bad.

  • Robin Trexel

    I would love to see the Green Goblin, he could play with peter before he messes with spidey

  • Tamar

    Venom.. he’s the antithesis of Spiderman.

  • justin

    I want to see Venom. mostly because i saw the black suit in The amazing spiderman, the scene where they introduce dr.kurt connors they actually have a scientist in the backround wearing the black suit with a robe over it, he’s the only one with a mask and he'[s in the whole scene just in the backround. it’s at 17:42. that’s my argument if not him it will be green goblin; because they bridge that gwen died on in the original comics.

  • DragonKiss83

    I’ld like to see Venom brought in and done right. Carnage is far to twisted to be in. But if you want a new villain let’s go with Kraven, at least they could build a reasonable story with him.


    I want to see Kraven the Hunter or Mysterio or Carnage. Kraven is almost always owns spiderman in a fight. Mysterio because he always uses illusions and tricks to attack spiderman. Carnage because we already saw Venom, now I want to see spiderman fighting the spawn of venom.

  • diane baum

    The Chameleon because it was awesome

  • Erica Carnes

    Mysterio would be neat.


  • Dorothy Deakyne

    Hobgoblin, cause he is wierd

  • Sheena McNutt

    Carnage would be so awesome. First, you can’t have Carnage without Venom…both for backstory and for integrity (and we all know Venom rocks). Carnage is psychotic, deranged, and well, bad-ass. Second, with Carnage, you have to explore the dark side of comics (or film in this instance). Third, he’s so much tougher than Spider-Man that Spider-Man *has* to team up with Venom to get rid of him. Venom is that character that everyone loves to hate, so we no longer have a true good vs. evil plotline, and movies should, at least occasionally, screw with people’s moral compasses like that.

  • Jason D Nickolay

    I would love to see Spiderman caught in the middle of a Venom/Carnage war in Spiderman 2. Or the Chameleon!

  • Shannon Alexis

    Green goblin, because he is the Joker of the Spiderman series. When he killed Gwen Stacy, that brought him to the top of the list for most badass Spiderman villains.

  • Melissa Debruyn-Vandenberg

    Just saw this movie and loved it! I would say Venom…..its a good place to start with the next movie. Would love to see this series keep going.

  • Mimi

    Hobgoblin because he has an awesome name

    jdmimi at gmail dot com

  • Aimee Fontenot

    Venom…he’s the best villain for Spiderman…and I just like how he looks.

  • samantha meyer

    I think they should bring venom into the second one. It would make it a super good movie.

  • Leslie L Stanziani

    Venom is my favorite villain and I think he should be in the next film.No real reason except I like him lol.

  • Pauline Mendes

    Rhino and Swarm. Rhino would have to be my favorite and I would be terribly curious as to how they would put him on screen!

  • Andrea

    I have a soft spot for Doc Ock, visually I think he’s a fun character to put on the big screen, but if I really had to choose, I’d want it to be Venom and Carnage. I’ve always loved the way Venom interacts with Spider-Man. He’s a flipside to Spidey. Carnage is simply badass and put the two of them together and you are guaranteed an epic showdown with Spider-Man.

  • Nick Martucci

    Carnage, because I’ve had enough sympathetic villains in the Spider-Man filmverse. Time to give Spidey a real challenge, really seperating it from Raimi’s films.

  • Bev Metcalf

    I like the villain Venom. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Tanya White

    vulture and carnage would be awesome!


    I’d like to see a scarier Venom.

  • susansmoaks

    i want to see more venom
    susansmoaks at gmail dot com

  • James Robbins

    Spider-Slayers w/ Alistair Smythe or the Spider-Clones. Interesting villains/storylines that didn’t get much attention would be great for a rebooted movie universe.

  • Maxx daddy

    Carnage . Cause he’s pure violence and can possibly destroy Spider-Man / peter Parker. Visual effects would be over the top to copy how he looks in the comics . He’s the most powerful and rage driven out of all the other villains

  • Rob Hestar(★♋)

    Green Goblin..because of what happened to Gwen! Green Goblin must pay!

  • Court Knee

    Carnage would be friggin amazing. i love the crazy deranged villains. there is more ass-kicking, and less crying.

  • Brian Lepak

    Mysterio, I wanna see Mary Jane already! Kill off Stacey Gwen!

  • ILikeFilms

    I would’ve loved to have seen Spidey fight The Vulture. Before the studio suits messed up Spider-man 3, Raimi had the Vulture as the bad guy. John Malkovich was lined up to play him which would’ve been some cool casting. I think he would be an interesting villain to fight against, because it would be fun to see some elderly guy with wings kicking Spider-man’s ass.

  • Nicole Bouchard

    Definately would be sweet to see Venom because he is an alien, he is gooey, and Eddie Brock is HOT But i mostly like the gooey part <3 <3 <3 lol Thanks for the chance

  • Roxann

    I want to see Carnage because it hasn’t been done before.

  • Atreau

    Scarecrow, I think it could be an interesting twist!

  • Adrian Mendoza

    Carnage and Venom!! Why? They’re just f-ing bada**!! I want to see how they’d be portrayed in the film (although we’ve seen Venom, we’ve yet to see Carnage.) Would probably have to be Rated R though… so that’s a no-go… maybe.

  • Zach Zimmerman

    Jackal. He’ll be unfamiliar to younger nerds, but this guy HAS to make an appearance. I don’t think any other villain could match Spidey’s intelligence as much as him, and he is so freaking creepy. Jackal fell in love with Gwen (his student), and after she was killed, blamed Spider-man. This maniac obsessed over how to kill Spider-man.

    While most comments mention villains for awesome fights and sympathy, Jackal is smart enough to get those villains after Spidey. And while everyone’s busy fighting, Jackal already has another plan ready. He’s absolutely soul-crushing, and do a google image search for Marvel Jackal. He scares me plenty already.

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