NR Contest: Bill and Ted’s Neighborhood Watch

In celebration of the release of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and The Watch on Blu-ray next week (Nov 13), we are having a contest with prizes including a Blu-ray copy of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and two Blu-ray copies of The Watch. 

It’s not easy being an alien. Imagine that you’re an alien spying on Earth. You see humans portraying your kind in many different ways. In Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey, they met an alien named Station who helped them on they journey to becoming the Two Great Ones. In the movie The Watch, a group of neighbors form a neighborhood watch as an excuse to drink and hang out. They later find out aliens are coming to attack.

If you’re an alien, would you be a nice one like in Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey, or would you be an evil alien who’s only looking to destroy everything? Comment below and also let us know what your plans for the human race is. The funnier the better!

Contest ends November 13, 2012, on Tuesday at 11:59pm PST. U.S. residence only. No PO boxes. Check back in a day or two after the contest is over to see if you’re the winner. Winners must contact me once they find out they’re a winner.

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