NR Contest: Bill and Ted’s Neighborhood Watch

In celebration of the release of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and The Watch on Blu-ray next week (Nov 13), we are having a contest with prizes including a Blu-ray copy of Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and two Blu-ray copies of The Watch. 

It’s not easy being an alien. Imagine that you’re an alien spying on Earth. You see humans portraying your kind in many different ways. In Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey, they met an alien named Station who helped them on they journey to becoming the Two Great Ones. In the movie The Watch, a group of neighbors form a neighborhood watch as an excuse to drink and hang out. They later find out aliens are coming to attack.

If you’re an alien, would you be a nice one like in Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey, or would you be an evil alien who’s only looking to destroy everything? Comment below and also let us know what your plans for the human race is. The funnier the better!

Contest ends November 13, 2012, on Tuesday at 11:59pm PST. U.S. residence only. No PO boxes. Check back in a day or two after the contest is over to see if you’re the winner. Winners must contact me once they find out they’re a winner.

From around the web:
  • Kendal Rosenau

    I would just watch the humans destroy themselves down on Earth below like a terrible reality TV show. Damn fine television.

  • Brian Lepak

    I’d be the kind of alien who puts you in the probe machine and goes to lunch. MUAHAHAHHAHAH!

  • Sheena McNutt

    If I were an alien, I wouldn’t be nice or evil. I would be that alien who does weird stuff just to mess with the minds of the humans. I would randomly “buzz” places, randomly kidnap people (and drop them off a few blocks from home), and of course create crop circles just for fun (hmm, a circle in the middle of central park?). Why choose between good and evil when you can just be odd?

  • thenickmartucci

    I think, as an alien watching humans, I’d feel like an adult watching a children’s school pageant. Finally I’d come down with a fake smile. “No, you guys. What you’re doing is reeeeally good. You guys are soooo smart. Seriously.” They’d be confused, but really they would be trying to impress me, but I’d just be secretly embarrassed for them. I’d hang around for a while, trying to give advice, but nobody would really listen to me. Eventually, I’d go back to my home planet wondering how the human race even manages to survive on their own. I’d come back a hundred years later to see what other messes they’ve gotten themselves into.

  • Bill Norris

    i would join the other aliens living among you right now and take my rightful place in politics …. cmon you thought those old white guys were human.

  • Rob Hestar(★♋)

    I’d be(and am) an evil Alien.My grandmother was the famous Roswell alien.She had a drinking problem and with Mars banning Alcohol she went to earth to get her fix..Well,don’t drink and drive or fly,lol.She sent out a S.O.S as she crashed on earth but before we could go rescue her you humans captured her and held her hostage.

    Thanks to that,The judge awarded all her mulons (money) and house to my step grandfather, who took all the money and kicked us out of the house..You humans will pay for this! I had to do stuff on the streets I don’t even wanna say!.

  • NotEd


  • Robin Trexel

    As an alien, I must control everything on the earth or it must be destroyed

  • Tamar

    i’d be a little alien that can hide in Bill’s pack so that I can go on the adventure with them!

  • Kellie Conklin

    If I was an alien I would recreate myself as a double of a human so that I could cause humorous chaos in the person’s life. I would use it as a way to remain on earth and if necessary, ship the human back to space in my place!

  • diane baum

    I’d be an evil alien and have fun making people’s live chaotic

  • Ronald Oliver

    My plans would be for me, solely, to start effective immediately, a new race of alien-human hybrids with ALL the pretty women on the planet! And once I finished my first round of impregnation, I would start all over again, in order to continue to multiply and replenish the earth with a new superior alien/human populous. :)

  • Michael Jean-Francois

    You stupid, poor humans. The takeover has already begun. Do you think it is pure coincidence the highest watched shows are Honey Boo-Boo, Kardashians, Jersey Shore, Toddlers and Tiara’s, etc? You know who Snooki is,but couldn’t point out your senator! Do you see that it’s cheaper to eat junk food, than healthy? Ha-ha-ha! Do you not notice schools are losing money, and forced to close, but a new Wal-marts pops up…. NOW! Have you not notice how stupidity is norm, and intelligence is mocked? We won’t even need the armada! Muaha-hahaaa!!! You’ll be too stupid and lazy to fight back!

  • Susan Smith

    I’m a nice person so I would be a nice alien.

  • Erica Carnes

    I’d be nice…and make everyone feel sorry for me so that humans would pay for everything for me.


  • Leslie L Stanziani

    I would be a nice alien but would also have an evil streak.

  • Vikki Billings

    I would be a nice alien here to make your lives better. I would come to your homes in the middle of the night and clean you house, I would do dishes, laundry, mow the lawn, plant some flowers and paint your house pink with purple poka dots! After I see how grateful you all are for the work I have done I will bring my family here to work so that all Humans can be happy all the time. You will all be so grateful that you will ask us to join your families, it will be our dream come true to live and work on Earth.

  • susansmoaks

    i would be a devious alien. i would get involved just enough to help the human race destroy itself!

  • Charlene Kuser

    I would be a kind alien and offer up some Big Macs to all the humans that should be a good peace offering don’t you think?

  • Roxann

    I would totally be evil. Why be good? Good is boring, and predictable. I could do just about anything I want with the puny meat sacs called humans. MI could make them slaves or cook fine delicacies from their flesh. I could make them dance for my entertainment. The possibilities for this fast spreading race is endless.

  • LuckyTJG

    I’d be a nice alien because I’m a genuinely nice person. I treat people with kindness and respect because it’s in my character and it’s the right thing to do.

  • Atreau

    I would be a good alien and help people out.

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