Microsoft Store’s Halo 4 midnight release event report

On a beautiful, warm night in Century City, CA, the Microsoft Store held an event for the midnight release of one of the most anticipated games this year, Halo 4. Big wouldn’t begin to describe the amount of people that attended the event last night. Talking with some people who attended midnight releases at the Microsoft Store before, they said they have never seen a turnout like this before. EVER. Special guests included motion capture actors: Bruce Thomas (Master Chief), Mackenzie Mason (Cortana), and Darren O’Hare (Thomas Lasky). All three of them were gracious and kind enough to cater to every photo and every autograph that came their way.

All night a Halo 4 tournament was held as well, and matches consisted of deathmatches with the winner of the match going to the player who first gets to 15 kills. Throughout the night, raffle giveaways were taking place and of course I didn’t win anything. After a long two-hour wait between mingling with the motion actors, eating complimentary pizza, and messing around with the Microsoft products, time finally hit midnight and every got their copies of Halo 4. Once everyone got their copies, people had the opportunity to get their copies signed by Bruce, Mackenzie, Darren, and a very last minute show with Brien Goodrich, the cinematic director of Halo 4.

This was my first event at the Microsoft Store, and it turned out to be one of the biggest turnouts ever for the store. I had fun at the event, and having even more fun playing the game. Play on Spartans.

Also, be sure to say hi to Mackenzie Mason who will be appearing in our first annual event, ReactorCon!

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