1313 Mockingbird Lane Pilot Review – The Munsters Reborn

On October 26th, NBC showed off the pilot for a new show, 1313 Mockingbird Lane. Well, it’s more like a reboot since it takes many of its ideas from the 1964 TV show, The Munsters.

As a kid I would watch two shows all the time, The Munsters and the Addam’s Family. I was born in the 80s but luckily the show was still running on basic TV around that time. Both shows were more hilarious than they were scary, and as a child, it would keep me in front of the TV for hours smiling. It’s been more than two decades since then, and when I heard NBC was remaking the show, I was happy and worried at the same time because many reboots have been less than stellar. The original images and trailer kind of kept me on the fence, especially hearing that Jerry O’Connell would be playing Herman Munster who looks more human that monster.

The story begins during a camping trip gone wrong, and one boy is missing during the night. His name is Eddie Munster. After the camping trip, a young pretty blonde girl searches for a new house for her family, the address is 1312 Mockingbird Lane. The house is simple and nice and not what she is looking for but when she turns around she sees a house that could pass for a small castle and very familiar from the original show. The Realtor tries to warn her about the horrible events that caused it to be condemned and planned to have it be torned down. Immediately the girl wants it for her family.

Soon after the rest of the family appears. Herman Munster (Jerry O’Connell) was once human, but is now composed of many different human parts, thanks to the work of Grandpa Munster. We have Lily Munster (Portia de Rossi), who is Herman’s wife, a half vampire like her father, and an exquisite beauty. Marilyn Munster (Charity Wakefield) is pretty normal, though her mother is werewolf. Grandpa Munster (Eddie Izzard) is Dracula with a thirst for human blood and Eddie Munster (Mason Cook) doesn’t know he’s a werewolf.

The pilot episode cost an estimated 10 million dollars to make, which is pretty nuts. The studios have done worse, but after sitting down and taking it all in, I actually want to watch more. The series has a much darker side to it. Grandpa Munster transforms into a giant bat to attack and eat a mountain lion and Eddie actually becoming a full werewolf were just a few of the effects. The scene that got me hooked was a little after the beginning when Grandpa Munster and Lily arise from wooden boxes with some very amazing special effects. Another scene was when Grandpa Munster was operating on Herman with his chest wide open.

The cast worked really well together and Portia de Rossi did an amazing job as Lily, Eddie Izzard stole the show as Grandpa Munster, who simply doesn’t care as long as it happens his way. He loves his grandson and doesn’t care so much for Herman, but he takes care of everyone and it’s funny watching him always scheming for blood. Jerry O’Connell actually does a great job as Herman, who wants to keep his love for his wife and son as the most important part of his humanity, even with a weakened heart.

It’s a good show to watch, but we’ll see if NBC wants to go forward with this show or not. I see it as one of the better “original” shows this season and would love to see more of it. It did pay plenty of homage to the original show, especially with the details of the house and characters. It adds a darker side and has plenty of special effects to make the feel of the Munsters more Monsterish

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