The Batmobiles travel across the nation for The Dark Knight Rises on Blu-ray

To celebrate the upcoming release of The Dark Knight Rises on Blu-ray, here are some pictures of the many different Batmobiles during both Rally Day on Saturday and the New York Giants/Dallas Cowboys game on Sunday at the Cowboys Stadium. What Batmobiles were available you say? How about all of them. It includes the version from Adam West’s Batman, Tim Burton’s Batman, Batman Forever, Batman & Robin, and Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. The Batmobile just gets bigger and bigger as the years go by.

The next destination for the Batmobiles is at the LSU vs. Alabama game at LSU Stadium in Baton Rouge on Saturday, November 3, and the New Orleans Saints vs. the Philadelphia Eagles at the Mercedes-Benze Superdome in New Orleans on Monday, November 5.

Check out Super Bowl champion Tony Casillas and Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Sydney, Angela, Mackenzie and Jenna next to the Batmobile below.

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