The Big Bang Theory: ‘The Re-entry Minimization’ Recap and Review

This episode, “The Re-Entry Minimization”, revolves around Wolowitz’s return to Earth and his lackluster welcome by everyone in his life-essentially finding that he has been replaced by someone else. It starts off with Sheldon, Raj, and Leonard agreeing that even with Howard’s imminent return to Earth, Stuart, the comic book store owner, has officially been okayed as a member of the group. I assume this means that he’s been promoted to series regular.

I’m waiting for my husband, he’s coming back from outer space!

After a quick scene of Howard reentering the Earth’s atmosphere and his less-than-stoic handling of it, the scene moves towards Bernie waiting for Howard at the welcome gate next to another man waiting for “Mandel”. After a quick guest starring role by Howie Mandel, we learn that Bernadette had planned to have Howard all to herself, telling everyone else that they could greet Howard the next day. After this we are introduced to how Amy, Leonard, Penny, and Sheldon will be spending the episode, which is playing games. The first is Pictionary, which Sheldon and Leonard lose spectacularly (and hilariously) due to Sheldon’s inadequacies–or would it be his adequacies?

Sheldon’s irritated expression as he explains his drawings for “polish” in Pictionary.

The episode moves back to Wolowitz and Bernadette attempting to have ‘fun’ on their first night back together, only to be interrupted by Bernadette’s allergies and Benadryl taking. In my opinion, Bernadette is quickly becoming one of my absolute favorite characters because Melissa Rauch is really coming into her own as Bernie (I was dying laughing throughout this whole scene). After Bernadette passes out prematurely from her dose of Benadryl, we head back to Amy, Leonard, Penny and Sheldon who have quickly started a battle of the sexes, with Leonard and Sheldon attempting to win at least one game, but losing spectacularly every time to the girls.

“ready, set…WRESTLE”

The rest of the episode Wolowitz goes through his list of acquaintances catching his mother mid-dalliance with her dentist, finding that Raj has replaced him literally and figuratively with Stuart, and that the others are too busy competing to take notice of him, winding up alone in a cafe singing himself “Rocket Man” while he eats his free slice of cheesecake from the waitress. Each of these discoveries are interspersed with the Battle of the Sexes game, in which the boys each have their asses handed to them (first in a Where’s Waldo game, then solving Math Problems, and a wrestling a match in which Sheldon endures an onslaught of kisses from Penny and Amy after Penny pins him to the ground, culminating in a pie-eating contest).

“Blueberry in my nose!”

Grade: B-

For all that was happening in this episode, I found it fairly underwhelming. There were certain parts that were hilarious, but aside from that they felt few and far between. The parts with Howard did feel a bit awkward and pathetic, which I’m sure was the intent, but I felt it was more painful to watch than funny. I wonder if they’re saving it all for the next episode, in which Buzz Aldrin will be a special guest star!

Highlights of this episode for me would be: Battle of the Sexes (come on we can’t lose at MATH) and Benadryl Bernadette!

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