Nerd Reactor & Power Anime’s Iron Man Mark VII Heroes Edition Nendoroid giveaway

I’m sure many of you just saw our earlier post of the Iron Man MK VII Nendoroid that’s coming out next year. Since then our Facebook and Twitter pages have exploded about where people can get one, how much will it cost, and a few other questions.

Well we decided to step it up a notch. We are announcing that Nerd Reactor and Power Anime are teaming up to give away an Iron Man Mk VII Nendoroid. The contest won’t be up until mid-November, and there will be a 2nd place prize as well, but we are keeping that one under wraps. Here’s the catch; you will need to keep an eye for the contest on the PowerAnime Facebook page, which they will give you clues for the contest.

All entries will be put into a hat and pulled live on stream by myself and Reggie from Power Anime, so stay tuned so you can have a chance to take this awesome guy home. Everyone else who wants to pre-order it can do it at PowerAnime. The more people who participate means the more figures we plan on giving away.

Thanks to Power Anime for the contest and stay tuned.

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