Guillermo del Toro’s other reason for bailing out on The Hobbit?

Peter Jackson is directing the Hobbit, a film that Guillermo del Toro was originally set to direct. The reason he left the project was that he was tired of all the production delays. Now it seems that there may be another reason why he left. An anonymous insider has informed The Hollywood Reporter that del Toro didn’t want a huge burden by following in Peter Jackson’s footstep.

“Do I think Peter wanted to take over The Hobbit? No. But he was going to be involved one way or the other, and as an artist, Guillermo wanted to make his version of the movie. I think he wondered: ‘How much of an imprint can I put on this? … Do I want to spend years of my life being caretaker of someone else’s franchise?'”

Either way, I’m happy Peter Jackson stepped in since I’m convinced del Toro’s vision would have turned the Hobbit into something darker and twisted, not that I have anything against dark and twisted things. I just feel that the Hobbit could use a lighter touch and a consistent feel with Peter Jackson on board.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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