Buzz Aldrin to guest star on The Big Bang Theory

Hey Big Bang fans! The Halloween episode for The Big Bang Theory is looking pretty exciting! First of all there will be a pretty spectacular guest star. Buzz Aldrin, the second man to ever walk on the moon, will be guest starring as himself on the October 25th episode titled, “The Holographic Excitation”.

Buzz Aldrin

Secondly, I’ve found a picture of Bernadette and Wolowitz dressed up as Smurfs, so all in all I’m waiting for the hilarity to ensue. I’m curious to see how they’ll work Buzz Aldrin into the show, because The Big Bang Theory has been quite good at how they incorporate their pretty prestigious guest stars; Stephen Hawking, Stan Lee, and Leonard Nimoy have all been fantastic.

Bernadette and Wolowitz as the Smurfs

Sources: CBS (photos via SpoilerTV)

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